Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Rug Show

Despite what Lauren says, I do have something to show on the Cottage rug, but thought you deserved a little treat, little variety and not the same ol same ol.

For your entertainment I'll show a few antique hooked rugs.  First up is a rug depicting a Horse, Dog, heart and bird.  It measures  34 x 37 and hooked late 19th or early 20th century.  From the collection of Barbara and Charlie Hunter.
Had to chuckle at the description of this next rug.  It sure appears to me to be two dogs.  If you tap the photo and read the note at the bottom the description is "Folk art hooked rug of facing goats".   Goats?  First of all goats don't have tails like that.  The dimensions are 28 x 35. 
The rug below has a central 6 point Star, flower buds and scrolls.  It has been worn but no frayed edges.  
Here is a view of the back to see original colors.  It measures 23 38.
Two cats with hit and miss background hooked late 19th early 20th century; dimensions are 18 x 35.
Another 6 point star but this one also has tulips in the design.
Primitive black horse with no date or dimensions.  To me it appears to be stars randomly hooked with similar colors of different values in the corners.
Hagerstown Pup, sorry, no other info on that either.
A Sandpiper original antique hooked 1920 so is in public domain.  The original measures 17 x 28.5.  If you click on the photo you can see where some loops are missing.  
It's a sauna outside folks so I'll be spending most of my day inside with the A/C.  Happy hooking



  1. What awesome rugs!! I am very interested seeing how you will figure out "fragments." I really like that last rug. I have been on a bird kick for awhile. That dog/goat rug is pretty interesting. Stay cool.

  2. Dogs ...Goats ??? That is funny ....
    I hope you can do a fragmented rug too !!!
    Hope your weather gets cool , has been a beautiful day here , but I twisted my ankel on the bike path this morning & have been icing my foot all day . They had mowed the edges & left all kinds of debris on the path & I took a wrong step ....:-( Hope it won't take long to feel better ...

  3. First pix: Horse, dog and little red T-rex. I know, okay, I'll go back to my corner now.😂

  4. I think I remember you posting the goat-dog rug before... I don't recall what I thought back then but, looking at it now, it reminds me of the depictions of Anubis...the Egyptian dog/jackal-headed god. LOL. Ok...I'll go back to the corner with Lady Locust. 🤣 ~et~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  5. love the six pointed star with the scrolls and the sand piper both very sweet

  6. I love these old antique rugs. The first is my favorite, but the six-point star is so nice. We are having a very hot July with temps in the 100s every day. It was too hot for the community quilters to get together today; something that doesn't happen often.

  7. After looking at weeds all afternoon and evening, looking at rugs is so much more fun. I too remember the two goats/ dogs rug a while back. My favorites are the six point. star and scrolls and the next one is the back horse. It has no date but it looks pretty old.


  8. Always great mats,,,
    Love scrappy cats,,,,

  9. WTF. The Fragment technique is Carol Weatherman and Sally Kallin’s. I feel it is extremely poor/bad business practice to think you can take ideas and techniques these two wonderful teachers have spent time creating so you can make a bit of money. None of us are getting rich doing patterns. And the fact that you (and a few others) copy patterns already available by other teachers and designers is awful. FYI I have let both Carol and Sally know about your dishonest attempt to copy their technique.

    1. You chose to not identify yourself so I cannot email you personally. First of all the Sandpiper antique is in public domain since the original was hooked 1920 so free for public consumption. Neither Carole nor Sally invented the novice style technique, because Nancy Gertrude Scott was excellent at making her rugs look old with the same 'beginner' style. Look up her name on my blog.

    2. Sure would be nice if you had the courage not to hide under the cloak of anonymity!

  10. So sad some have to comment as anonymous and attack you when you were just showing antique rugs. Such a shame bullies cannot send a comment using their real name. Janice


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