Friday, July 22, 2022


Yesterday morning I noticed something small moving on my driveway at a good clip and had to go investigate with my camera.  Normally I don't show my feet in a photo (particularly my ugly toes) but wanted to give a sense of size to this little critter.  It was a totally different turtle than the other two posted this summer.  And  it's a GIRL!  Isn't she sweet?  Wonder if she was born here and where she was going?
Me thinks I need a Turtle Crossing sign in my yard.
You've seen the TORTOISE and now the HARE.  This one is an adult and wonder if another litter of babies will be forthcoming.  Gestation is only 4 to 5 weeks.  Was careful to get a photo from inside the house and slowly opened the door to capture this poor photo.
No sooner did I snap the photo and it darted off to find safety of the unruly forsythia bush.  That is the rabbit standing alert.
Later i
n the afternoon as this area was under a thunderstorm warning I  turned off the TV and computer after printing out the pages below.  Someone ordered a pattern and was in the process of taping it together when at 4:50 the power went out.  Thanks to the boy scout motto of 'be prepared' had batteries ready to go for backup lights.  Figured power would be back on in an hour at the latest.
It became obvious after 2 hours I'd better get the candles and my other battery back up light ready too.  So guess who had dinner by candle light ~ and no one to share the ambiance with?  Had no way to heat up this precooked meal so it was still cool.  But hey, I've eaten cold chicken, uncooked cold carrots so it was palatable and the cabernet made up for anything negative.  Thank goodness it was left over and already cooked.
And my dinner plus vino with flash this time.
Power was out over 5 hours; I'd gone to bed earlier and the house was quite warm.  So turned the bedroom ceiling fan on so it would wake me up when power came back.  Yeah, woke me up after 10 pm so got up to reset the clocks and turn off any lights in the house which I'd forgotten were on before power went out.

That was my exciting yesterday.  Despite having no power I continued to hook on the Cottage with limited visibility.  This will be interesting to see my choices of wool under those circumstances ~ and similar to those women of yesteryear.  And don't plan to replace any wool loops from yesterday evening with poor light just because of the sisterhood of past rug hookers.

Happy hooking, stitching, knitting or whatever makes you happy.


  1. Awww, such a cute little turtle! I'll say again, you have a plethora of turtles! Trade you some snakes for some turtles?? I could even be convinced to throw in a coyote or two.... Bummer about the power, but I am glad it finally came back on. But, seriously? You got up and reset your clocks?? Whoa.... 🤣 ~Robin~

  2. My mom was under a tornado warning the other day. Fortunately she did not lose power as with most storms she does. Glad you prepare for power outages. We do have candles in case we lose ours. What kind of a turtle is that? Janice

  3. I love your thoughts of those yesteryear women and their work by candlelight. I almost hope there will be a few off-colored loops. :~) Being out of power is always an adventure.

  4. Sweet turtle,,,,,Lots of wild life,,,,
    Sorry about UR power!!!especially in heat!!!!yikes,,,,
    Still hot here ,,,,,and suppose to get abit cooler Monday!,!

  5. Your turtle paradise must be perfect for turtles. This cute little one looks like a baby Eastern Box turtle with that ridge on its back.

    Sorry about that power outage, at least you were prepared. I used to cook on a little propane camping stove and on the Bar-B-Q when the power went out.
    It felt like camping. You are a rug hooker at heart for pulling loops until you couldn't see.

    It going to be a hot day today and for the next three days.
    Stay cool.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Think you do need a sign to watch for Turtles !!! Wonder if they are looking for your pond ?
    Hooking without electricity , might be a fun challenge .
    I have had enough of this Heat & Humidity & no rain ....I am wishing for a nice cool rainy day !

  7. What a sweet turtle. I am glad you were prepared with your light. Its really hot here so it would be miserable to have the power out for five hours. Did you notice, Cammie Bruce opened her Etsy store. It was nice to see her around again. I hope you have a wonderful day, and I like that idea of hooking by candlelight like our forefathers did. Have a lovely day.

  8. Sweet lil turtle! i am always watching the road for turtles. love them all big and small. we had a snapper lay eggs on top of dike, waited the gestation period, watched them come out, fall down the dike and into the yard. got a pail, and 1 excited maybe 12yr grandbabe and got them all safely to the river! storms here in Mn and loss of electricity but i slept thru it all! die-hart hooker, but i would do the same!

  9. What a sweet turtle yes you do need a sign. Maybe a rug too! Ugg I hate losing power we use to lose it at least once a week when I first moved here. We have a generator now so that makes all the difference even though we rarely lose power now.


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