Friday, November 10, 2023


While I did hook on the sheep some last evening and a little this morning am feeling a little lost on what to do with the sheep now.  Even Caroline didn't like that really dark part of the tail so that needs to come out in some areas.  

Perhaps I should have suggested buying wool for the body as I obviously didn't take enough suitable colors.  Looking at the photo I'm not happy with the value differences in the body colors of the sheep so for now the sheep has been put in her pen until I search my wool for better candidates.
For reference here is a photo of the original antique.
Meanwhile my eagle rug is on the frame until I'm ready to herd my sheep.  At least it's a no brainer with the background on the eagle.  And I need that just before bed time.  

Happy hooking.



  1. Oh, I'm glad it's you hooking this sheep. I would be totally lost as how to proceed. I agree the black tail is a bit too prominent but you did a fantastic job on the head Even better than the original. In the end, I know you'll do a great job.

    Looking forward to seein the progress on both rugs.


  2. I am so sorry you got home and are struggling.

  3. Like Julia said, I am glad it's you hooking this - I, too, would be absolutely lost. I do like your revamp of the bow...much better than the original. It will come to you in time I know. I have a stag that has been put out to pasture for over a year now. I finally asked Cathy to rustle some new colors for consideration which she did, but then my roof and body broke down and I didn't get down there. Now she's recovering from surgery and I'm down with a severe uti/cystitis and kidney infection. Things are just falling apart it seems. ~Robin~

  4. You are off to a great start. 1890 Roosters looks easy compared to that rug!
    My unsolicited two cents...the leg outlines look very harsh. Perhaps soften them up a little bit?

  5. You will find the perfect wools & make it even nicer than the original ! Or you may just need to buy more wool !!!LOL

  6. My 2 cents say the black outline on the legs too dark and so is the tail. I know you will figure it out in time. Janice


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