Thursday, November 9, 2023

HOME but TIRED to the BONE

Having fun is exhausting, or at least it is this time for me.  Everything is unloaded from the van and moved to the appropriate rooms and most important items first... like my cutter upstairs in the wool room with the wool being used for this project.  Other things like emptying out suitcase can wait, as well as the laundry I brought home.

This year camp was at a different venue for me since I didn't go last year.  With Caroline Twigg (Eagles Nest Woolens) as the teacher it was a no brainer to send in my registration in right away this time.  So had her at Cape May in September and this one ~ great teacher and loads of fun.

This is my hooking spot in the room after 5 p.m. arrival on Sunday still working on the eagle rug and of course you can see my glass of wine.
I chose the 'city view' since it was $100 cheaper than ocean front (hey, I'm from here y'all).  But heck, the ocean is in full view from my balcony anyway.
Sadly I didn't get many photos this time but did want to get a photo of Caroline with this beautiful floral she hooked which wasn't taken to Cape May.
Below is a close up of a spot in the rug for me to study the colors she used to outline that large leaf and the wool color choices for the vein in the other leaves.  Intersting.
There was no rug show or throw down at this camp so photos were impossible to capture.  I'd hoped to take photos of everyone's rug this morning before departure since that is when most loops would have been pulled on each of our rugs.  But since we had to be out of our room by noon today many had left last evening or early this morning.  But did get a photo of my tablemate Vickie's rug this morning.  She was hooking in #9 cut I believe and got quite a lot done.

Vickie told me she had just been to another camp two weeks ago (think that is what she said) and it's a good thing she is a young thing because I couldn't do back-to-back camps.  I'd like to but my body just couldn't recover that fast.  Like I said, having fun is exhausting.
I will show you my work in the next bog post because I'd really like to have the sheep completed.  Caroline wanted me to hook just spots (she calls it "go mark your rug" which translates to hook just those colors in those spots so I can see how the colors play together.  And then if the colors play nice she color plans another section.   
So hopefully will have a completed sheep to show next post.      

Tomorrow I've two service people coming, HVAC guy in the afternoon to service my furnace and outside unit and HOPEFULLY the septic guy comes in the morning so there will not be issues preventing me from flushing and doing laundry.  'Oh the joys of homeowner ship', as Lauren would say.  

OH, Lauren, Vickie, my tablemate said she reads my blog (and yours) and loved the segments where we bicker ~ she especially liked 'when the fat lady sings' but didn't ask her who she thought which of us won, LOL.                               
Little hooking will be done tonight since I've got to clean up my kitchen first.



  1. Hey there. Welcome home 🏡. Missed you. Glad you had fun. 💕
    Lady Locust

  2. Welcome home. Having so much fun can be exhausting!!!
    I, too, would have chosen the city view room. You still had an amazing view from the balcony.
    Vickie's rug looks great!
    It does my heart such good and makes blogging all worthwhile when someone tells me they read my blog.

  3. I love that kind of tired! Happy tired. I think my friend Pam was teaching at your camp.

  4. Hi Saundra, I'm glad you had a great time and that you made it home safe and sound. There's no place like home. I'm feeling like staying home more and more, lately..

    I stopped by late last night but had an early appointment this morning so I didn't
    leave a comment and scooted to bed. I love floral, especially Jacobean patterns.

    Take care,
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Welcome home Mummy Dearest. You've been missed. et

  6. Welcome Home Sweet Home !!! It is exhausting having so much fun ! So happy you had a great time ! Caroline's rug is just gorgeous . It just amazes me how people add just little bits of colors of any shade and it just looks wonderful ! I hope to grasp that concept too. It is like actually painting with wool , but love how it draws you in to get a closer look . Beautiful !
    Can't wait to see what you did with your sheep !
    Have a nice relaxing weekend after those workers come to your house !

  7. Glad u had a great time,,,it dies get exhausting,,,,!
    Love the views,,rugs,,,,
    No place like home,,,

  8. I am late in saying this, but Welcome home. Do like the outline of the leaves in that rug. Your room looked nice too, even though not ocean view. Janice


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