Tuesday, November 14, 2023


All my unpacking from camp is complete but my Hartman hook was not found.  Thank goodness I've a backup and won't have to endure the increased cost of another new one.

The left side background on 1776 Eagle is hooked, leaving the right side yet to do.  Yesterday I pulled out the loops from the sheep and will start giving her a new coat today.

Below is a sweet farm scene with birds, dog, horse and what appears the rest of the family coming out to help with chores.  Was given a timeframe of 19th century.
A geometric hooked late 19th -early 20th century and measuring 20.5 x 41.
Just found this hen and rooster rug on Live Auctioneers web site but no date.  I love this drab and primitive rug but will also post some more colorful rugs for you who prefer color.
Flowers and stars 20 x 39 but no date was provided.
A lovely 13 star Eagle rug hooked 1800's measures 36 x 69.  This is the front.
Here is the back and you can see the rug was hooked thru folded foundation all the way to the edge requiring no binding.                            
Birds on a bare tree, no dimensions and no date.
A horse drawn covered wagon in the farmland hooked 1910's.  Dimensions are 34 x 60.
Horse with a mild hit and miss background, 26 x 37.5 but no date.
Another hit and miss background but more boldly done and makes me dizzy.
And last is a beautiful cat rug hooked by Mme Jeanne d'arc Gaudette.  She was born in Canada but lived in Holland, born June 30, 1926 DOD August 9, 2023. You can read more about her on her obit HERE.
I'll do a little happy hooking today on my sheep today and maybe do a little bush trimming outside as long as my knees and back play nice.



  1. You find the neatest old rugs ! The stripes on the Cat rug , hurt my eyes ! Can't imagine hooking all those lines !!!

  2. love them all, but the hen and rooster are just prim-perfect!

    1. and that would be me, Lori from Notforgotten Farm lol

  3. This was a terrific rug show. So many perfectly primitive rugs ;-)

  4. The first rug has an interesting finished edge. I don't ever remember seeing one done in that technique. I love the floral design but not too crazy about the bright colors. I love the background of the eagle rug. It's done in a very fine cut but there appears to be a little hole above the signature, I think. Thanks for the great rug show again.
    Stay warm, it's so cold here.

  5. The rooster and hen rug is pretty dang awesome. You're right, the drab colors make it sing. I do like the last kitties also though. Bummer about losing your Hartman. ~Robin~

  6. I was going to say I would take any of them until I got to the dizzy dog one. Wowza! Some beauties otherwise 😊
    Lady Locust

  7. Just amazing rugs you brought us again. Janice

  8. I really like the winter scene I especially like the sky.
    Sorry you have lost your hook so frustrating.


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