Wednesday, November 1, 2023


Goodness, it's November 1st already and the year has just slipped by in a flash.  On with the show ~ for you antique rug lovers these should please your eyes.  Cat with primitive scrolls measures 28.5 x 52.5 and hooked early 20th century.  

It may have been a more elaborate Frost design which the hooker chose to make less fancy.  Or at least from some of the antique cat rugs I've seen it seems to be the case.
Another version of a roosters rug hooked late 19th century.  Measures 31.5 x 58 from the collection of Jeff Garrin & Susan Fetterholf.
A hearth rug with clipped pile from 19th century, 38.5  x 77.  Can't decide if this  is supposed to be a turkey, a floral or bush with scroll or something else?  What do you think it represents?
A beautiful Grenfell maple sapping designed rug measures 17.5 x 35.  It was hooked with wool, silk and cotton between 1900-1919.  Am sure my Canadian friends will have a place in their heart for this one.
Dog vs. Horse.  Are they friend or foe?  No date was provided but it looks old to me.
A duck pond with a lot of detail for the 14 x 20 piece.  It was dated 1900-1919.
Here's a blurry view of the back so the aging only toned down the colors.
A floral rug with triangle border.  No other information was available.
Vintage tulips no date provided but measures 20 x 40.
A view of the back for true colors.
A 4 point star measuring 35 x 35 but no date provided.
Fancy floral dated 1899 measures 43 x 59.
That's it for today's show, hope there was something you liked.  Happy hooking.



  1. I definitely like the history depicted in the Grenfell rug of the harvesting of maple sap. In the early spring we looked forward to harvesting maple sap and boiling the liquid just for a taste of the sweet stuff. That's my pick for this rug show today. Thanks.
    I hope your appointment went well.
    Stay warm.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I am not from Canada, but I still like the maple syrup rug 😉 and oddly enough the geometric 4 point star.
    Lady Locust

  3. Love the roosters ,,and the Canadian one is amazing,,,💜💜

  4. I kind of like that peacock/turkey/floral/scroll one. My thought is it was intended as a scroll-type urn and just took an aviary turn LOL. ~Robin~

  5. I cannot even begin to imagine how many antique rugs you have saved!!! You are always coming up with new old ones. TFS ;-)


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