Thursday, August 8, 2013

Using up Woolie Worms

Some people call them 'worms' some call them 'noodles' and some call them just plain old 'leftovers'.  By whatever name you call them it is very exhilarating to use them up.  Here is what I've accomplished on Lollipop Bouquet and every strip has come out of my worm baggies. 
During this past winter I posted on my blog about taking the time to separate the worms.  Yes, it was boring, and yes even considered stopping and forgetting the whole idea since I'd much rather be hooking than separating worms.  HA, for that matter as much as I hate binding a rug think I'd even have preferred that to color separating the worms. 

But let me tell you it has been a Godsend having the task done.  Since separating them by color I have been hooking and need only a couple more inches or maybe just a couple more strips of a certain color or certain wool.  Ya know what?  I was able to find what I wanted in that color bag of wool and didn't have to cut yet even more wool to make even more worms.

As you look at the above picture you can see that I used a piece of linen which just made the dimensions needed plus a little.  This was left from a pattern drawing, was available to me and I stitched the extra distance on the edge to cover my grippers.  Like my mama used to say, "Waste not want not".

Have a great evening and thanks for dropping by.



  1. Giggling at this one. I don't know if I could hook tis or not. I LOVE IT! But, it's alot of repetition. My ADD brain would get antsey! Cannot wait to see what all you do to this.
    You are a marvel!!!!!

  2. I admire you for taking the time to separate your wool strips...
    (just can't bring myself to call them worms. ;)
    I usually donate mine to someone who is just starting out in Rug Hooking.
    It is a treasure for them and makes more room for wool for me ! ;)
    Can hardly wait to see your color selections for this piece.


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