Monday, October 12, 2015

Hooked Projects I've Done Since Cape May 2014

Each year when it is time to gather up all the rugs for the Cape May rug show I've hooked during the year, I start with my class project for the previous year at Cape May.  Last September my class was with Ali Strebel and Ali Katz was the rug on my frame.
Naturally there was an interim project for me to work on until Ali got to me but for the life of me cannot remember what that was.  Oh, that may have been the Man Cave Rug and would have taken just background wool to hook .....maybe.  Anyway, it was finished in time for the show and thankfully way ahead of time for Christmas
These won't be in order as they were hooked by any means, but do keep a running list during the year and list them each time one is finished. Here is Harvey's Magdalena with a flash and a photo without.
Another Magdalena design called Olde Ducks.  Not a flattering picture it was taken on the back deck in natural lighting.
A Woolley Fox design called Hannah's Hen and residing on my school marm's desk.
I designed this Magdalena style crow in a small size and contimplated making it into a pillow to join the pillow below but decided to keep this as a mat instead.
Below is a design by Betsy Reed which I made into a pillow.  I used Betsy's technique for the edge trim.
This year also did two antique adaptations.  One was a small runner I named Cherries and Candy Stripes and wanted for my harvest table.  It is quite smaller than the original antique but oh how I loved the dirty stripe border.
The other antique adaptation is Chum and I believe it was originally hooked by the same woman who hooked Ned.  I contemplated hooking regular dog paws on him but Barb thought the original whimsy of the toes or toenails should be included.  I'm glad I listened to her and this rug was a favorite of Kris Millers in the show.  Oh, Chum is bigger than Mr. Cotton tail so I must have really reduced the size.
As I mentioned, they are not in order....Mr. Cotton Tail was hooked in time for Easter this year and is a design by Brenda Gervais.
A small project was in my future once again and I hooked two of these Black Kitten mats which were an antique adaptation.  Hooked one for me and one for a friend which will be a Christmas gift.
Hester was a free pattern insert in a fall issue of Primitve Quilts and Projects and was a design by Lori Brechlin.
Just in time for Cape May I'd finished Hobo Joe, a design by Lucille Festa.  Instead of making him a cut out decided to hook the whole piece.  Lucille thought he looked great. 

Although you've seen all of these along the year as I was working on them, you can see them all together now.  Not many big pieces but smalls are fun too.

Have a good Monday evening everyone and Happy Columbus Day to you all.



  1. Holy moses! I don't do that much in 6 years.

  2. Wow Saundra, I knew you hooked a lot but that's a lot of rugs in a year. I really enjoyed viewing them all together here like this.

    Hope your arm is starting to get better. take care and have a great week.

  3. I second Lauren' s WOW!!! and raise her an Amazing and Gorgeous...

  4. Oh, Saundra, I am in love with the crow holding a berry in his beak ! Lovely !!
    Wondering where you are keeping all these wonderful rugs !

  5. Love them all Saundra, you are a busy rug hooker. Loved seeing some of these in person this year at Cape May. I wonder how many I have hooked?

  6. You are one busy hooker. Loved seeing them all again.


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