Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update on Ducks and Eggs Nest

I've made some progress on my new hooking love but not as much as I'd hoped since grass needed to be cut,  HAD to vacuum up the wool dust and snippets and of course doggie duties since Ben does enjoy his walks around the  neighborhood.  Yes, he has a fenced in yard but he also likes to see what the 'Jones' are up to, sniff where others have walked before and hear other four legged friends bark in protest or 'wanna play'  as he walks by their house.

Since only 5 votes have been placed on the poll (which I will continue for a few more days) the hooking will be concentrated on the leaves and background for a bit longer.  But so far it appears the honeycomb wool will win out.  So if you have a preference, please feel free to post your opinion and your name doesn't appear, just your preference.

Okay, are you chewing your nails to see what progress (or lack thereof) has been made on the vintage beauty?
This pattern measures 16" x 31"  and still I've been hooking with both #8 and #8.5 strips throughout the rug.  And, if I had worms and the color worked those were hooked in no matter the size.  This seems to be a good size to be fun for me but still able to use a wide cut to hook with.

Cape May rug camp a mere 23 days and a wake-up away, I'll soon have to get my wool in order for the project at camp.  The background dyeing for it has been done but would need to pull other wool together and pack.  And already my wool room is a total disaster yet it is about to get worse before it gets better.  So IF I were smart (my mama never gave me any gold stars for planning ahead), I'd clean the room now, gather my wool for camp and clean it up again before I leave.  That way my return from the newest project will be the only mess left to make orderly.


  1. Saundra ~
    I think you are making great progress!
    Hugs :)

  2. Your rug is looking so beautiful.


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