Friday, February 1, 2013

Some Progress

Today my plans were to start a new design for spring but still pulled a few loops on Big Dog Hollow.  The basket in the dog's mouth still needs work and I've a plan on what to do to change it.  And, the cat I thought looked good until seeing it in this picture.  The right eye looks a little into the ear, BUT, could just be the way the linen thread is leaning so will attend to that later too.
Speaking of the eyes of the cat ~ since the cat is so small I used white linen thread pulled from linen backing that I've saved from previous patterns.  This is a technique that Bev Conway taught us for putting a sparkle in the eyes or for something this small to be the eye.  All you do is a slip knot and then hook around that white thread, cut it off and there it is.  Right now my thread is taller than my loops so it could be that the thread is leaning toward the ear.

I did manage to draw out my new design for spring and even cut some wool for it.  So tonight I'll start that project since I don't have a spring mat for my harvest table nor for my web site.  It is more whimsy, I'm calling it Mother Hen and yes, Lauren it is smaller ~ I know you think all my rugs are too big.

So maybe tomorrow I'll have something new to show and so you will have a diversity from watching my Big Dog Hollow grow.

Keep warm and love one another.



  1. Your dog is coming out so great. I prefer larger rugs and I have no idea why. Lauren always says the same to me.

  2. Saundra ~
    I don't think you're rugs are TOO big, they are just B-I-G!!!
    Hugs :)

  3. Always love your rugs.I am inspired.Cheri

  4. I keep a little basket full of the linen threads that fray off for just that purpose too Saundra. Works perfectly. I too am a big rug person.


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