Friday, January 4, 2013

Lions in the Woods (Detour)

As previously mentioned this rug was adapted from two similar antique rugs and I chose elements from each that I liked.  It is getting close to completion and it will be nice to have it finally done so another design can be put on my frame.  Sometimes I think it is the anticipation and excitement of starting a new design that is so intriguing; it is also fun to watch it develop but when it is about halfway done I'm ready to move on to something else.  Here is what is looks like right now.

I have tried numerous times ALL DAY to be allowed to 'browse' for pictures from my camera for the updated picture of the lions rug and Blogger won't let me.  The only thing I could do is choose a picture from my blog which has been previously posted.  So thought I'd give you all a treat and give you a look at the Ducks and Eggs Nest which is an antique adaptation from a rug which is in a museum in Montreal. 
The top left corner was just hooked and chose a brighter gold but it may end up coming out and my replacing it with a duller gold as are in the other corners.  And since I am unable to add a picture to this message (thanks to Blogger), by the time I can finally place the picture in the message, perhaps the corner will have been changed by then.

So when this rug is done I'll have two to bind.  I have had a request to post pictures of the binding process for this new wide binding tape and will show you step by step for those of you who have not bound a rug this way.  The Wee Folk will be bound differently and still unsure if I'll whip wool strips of blue all the way around or if I will cover cord with wool ~ I've previously bound rugs using both methods.

Since Blogger is still not allowing me to post a picture I'll save this as a draft and post a picture later if I can.  Well, I couldn't so as explained earlier, I looked thru pictures on previous posts and added that. 

Thanks for stopping by and sorry for the problems that exist which are beyond my control.



  1. Oh Saundra...I had the same problem with Blogger last night...Here is what you do...switch to HTML on the tab to the left at the top of the new post page...Then, hit the icon to add the picture, will then bring up the box like the old one where you can browse and upload numerous pics at once...Let me know if this works for you...

  2. love it again!
    hope you have an easier time to post the next time around. looking forward to the tutorial! have a great weekend!

  3. Beautiful! Can't wait for the tutorial.Hugs,Jen

  4. Blogger sure can be frustrating!!! Better luck next time.
    Hugs :)

  5. Smart advice from Robin.

    Saundra, I loved reading this post. Even though I do not rug hook, I am so in love with the look and am looking forward to seeing more. Offering a tutorial about a new way to bind rugs sounds interesting.

    Perhaps Blogger will be in a better mood tomorrow. Good luck with all. :-)


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