Sunday, February 17, 2013

Antique vs. Present Day

As you followers know I'm hooking an adaptation of an antique rug and the first picture is the original antique.  Can you see moon faces or stars in this antique?  Can you see any birds other than the owl which isn't a bird?  The moon faces and stars blend into the background.  And, the birds take a little time to identify.  But this is folk art and women used what they had.  
The pattern I'm hooking is an adaptation of the rug by Kathy of Briarwood Folk Art and her hooked piece is here:
I love the fact that Kathy has just one moon and more stars.  And her stars blend into the background as well, but are more easily seen that in the original antique.  In the antique you can hardly see where the stars and moon are because the value was the same.  

This is what my rug looks like now after making a couple changes. Tomorrow I'll show you difference.  I changed the bird's head, put a different value around the moon but am still not sure if I want all light bright stars or mixed.   After all, the antique rug you could hardly decide where the stars were.

Since I'm still undecided think I'll hook a few more motifs and just live with this version until more is hooked. 



  1. I really liked how you showed all three rugs in one post.
    This is an amazing rug filled with details.
    You are doing a great job on it.

  2. You've got your hand full !! So many decisions to make... Your rug is coming along beautifully , though....just keep doing what you're doing.... I do like how the details are a little more visible in your rug so far !!

  3. Your rug is beautiful I do love how you showed the three. in the orginial is there a clock face by the dog? so would the two moons represent time? The orginial rugs colors are still pretty vivid I really love all three rugs it shows how creative each person can be and show color.

  4. Love the pattern! Can't wait to see your's when it's done!

  5. Saundra ~
    Just wonderful so far.
    Hugs :)

  6. Loved seeing all the rugs!Saundra you are doing a fantastic job on your rug! Hugs,Jen

  7. Oh Saundra, That was so interesting.I liked seeing the other rugs.Wow such great work.Hugs Cheri


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