Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Frame Frustration

The other day I mentioned my frustration with my hooking frame.  I own several frames and each has it's special purpose ~ I've 3 different size sit-upons which I use, a Townsend Orbiter floor frame which is fantastic with big rugs, and my Snapdragon.  Now, I must say here that my Snapdragon is my favorite.  The Snapdragon keeps the foundation tight as a drum and when the paddles are released you just lift the pattern off the frame and there is no pulling out of wool strips during the process.

Yet, it was a frustration with the Snapdragon on my floor frame which was giving me fits.  Okay, for history, I chose a ball swivel type Snapdragon and purchased the K's Creation Big Foot floor frame as I'd seen other hookers use it at camps and liked it. 

Yes, it takes a while to adapt switching frames and stands and eventually found that if I didn't tighten the yoke on the ball tight enough then my frame would flop down.  And if I did tighten it enough began to notice it was chewing up the yoke on the frame.  Plus, noticed the inner rod was beginning to get deep grooves from the rotation.
So then what was happening is that the inner rod would plummet down lower than the height it was set for.  This actually had been going on since September when I was at Cape May but endured with the big rug until I came home and put the Wee Folk on my Townsend Frame.  So all was good with Wee Folk on the Townsend.

Then, switch over to Big Dog Hollow and I put it on the Snapdragon and Big Foot.   However, as Big Dog Hollow weight started to increase the dropping of the inner rod became more frequent. 

Then I went to my Rughooking101 floor stand (it is their sit-upon I'm using right now) and put the Snapdragon on it but since that floor stand isn't adjustable it was too high at the location in my home where I hook. 
Finally, getting so frustrated decided to pull out my larger Rughooking101 sit-upon and use that.  Then figured it was time to contact both Sue of Snapdragon and Brett of K's Creations and tell them of my dilemma. 

Okay folks, I want to tell you these people have integrity and are customer service oriented people.  My correspondence to them was more of a need of help rather than complaint and they were more than willing to offer assistance.

Sue wrote saying she has developed a yoke to help.  So if you are having a similar problem contact her as the cost of this is only $18 plus shipping.  Here is a picture of it with the Snapdragon. 
And Brett has contacted me saying that I need a new inner rod replacement. 

So the frame frustration problem is going to end happily ever after. 

Thanks for visiting and remember to be kind to one another.



  1. You are the frame queen :)

  2. Isn't it wonderful when people are there to help and your problem is solved !!
    It is great for you to let people know how helpful these people were.
    Good for business. ;)
    Happy Hooking !

  3. Yes, Rose, and since they have been so helpful wanted to let everyone who reads my blog to know how wonderful they are to do business with. Excellent customer service from them and you can't buy that kind of advertising anywhere. Thanks for commenting.


  4. I love your "feel good" stories!!!!
    I, too, love my SnapD! Aren't they just the nicest people?????


    P.S. I am nice every day! Life is too short to be mean.

  5. glad you are getting the help you need, a large rug would be a bit heavy, wouldn't it? have a great friday & weekend.


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