Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cow, Bird, Building and Owl

And what do they all have in common... Big Dog Hollow of course.  Since I had to remove my woolie worms from the work table to draw patterns for someone, there have been fewer loops pulled than I'd have liked.  Which means that my woolie worms still are out of control but better control than there was.

It has been a few days since my last post so thought I'd show you some results of the project so everyone doesn't forget that I exist.  Here is what the rug look like now and I struggled with the cow.  OH, first, must explain that the last few loops of the cow's front leg got pulled off when removing it from the frame.  And, the poor face must have been hooked and rehooked 5 times and finally decided to let this be the it and forget it. 
Back to the cow ~ If you look back at previous posts before the cow was hooked you will see that Kathy drew what a real cow looks like and it was beautiful!  Well I wanted it to look more close to the original primitive naive drawing and like she hooked her rendition.  Only I wasn't nearly as successful as Kathy was.

In looking back thru previous posts you will also notice that I took creative license with the building on the far right as well.  Hey, isn't that what we as rug hookers do?  Don't we all tweak designs that we love but want it to be more of what we envision?  And, Kathy, you can also do that with the Frost Sheep pattern I sent you. 

Believe it or not I'm quite pleased with the first hooking of the owl but was sure that would be the problem child.  Nope, mamma's happy with that.

So where do I go now?  I think I'll work on the pups next.

Have a great evening everyone and please be kind to one another.



  1. You've made great progress, Saundra, and as always, I just love your work.
    Hugs :)

  2. You always amaze me with all the progress you get in a short amount of time.
    it all looks wonderful

  3. Saundra, it all looks so nice.
    Always amazes me to watch it come together !

  4. Saundra I love everything you are doing on this rug! When I hooked the owl it took me many efforts! Good job! Kathy


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