Sunday, February 3, 2013

Designing a Rug by the Seat of My Pants

Yes, this Mother Hen design is still in progress and am designing as I'm hooking.  Initially there were just 4 peeps and thought perhaps an odd number would be more eye appealing and drew the 5th one to the bottom left and over Mother Hen's skirt.  Not sure what I'm going to do about that yet... 4 or 5 peeps?  It just might be that having 3 bright yellow peeps at the bottom would be a distraction rather than making the eye move around the rug to pick up a glance at just the four.
Also, I contemplated several types of border....OR no border at all before I drew this out.  The design could be reduced in size by changing the border making it more interesting a project for those beginning hookers or those who like quick results.  Presently drawn the design measures 15 1/2 x 17.

I'd thought of doing the primitive swags, or a straight border with a wavy line in the middle with dots along the wave (that would have made the design even bigger), or what I drew.  

When I was color planning was unable to find a suitable background color.  Well, actually did pick out a tan texture but have since changed my mind.   At this point I'm thinking of making the background a primitive black, reducing the perimeter and having swags instead of this wavy border.  Uh, still haven't decided on the 5th peep yet.  And, could be that I could have that 5th peep above the skirt and in the background as a rouge peep.  

Stay tuned to see what this design turns into for better or worse.  Heck, I just might make a hard right hand turn and come up with something totally opposite of what I've mentioned.

Thanks for dropping by and be kind to one another.  OH!  And stay warm for those of you having winter and frigid temps.



  1. I love this pattern. Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Saundra !! I love it !! It is really sweet !! I'm wondering if the 5th little chick could maybe be a different color than the other 4 ? I think it's fine as is, but just throwing that out there if you have doubts ???
    Myself, I know I OVERUSE the scallops or half pennies for borders and I LOVE just the wavy border you've done ....
    Your design is going to be a HIT !!!

  3. Oh Saundra this rug is so cute! A good break from big dog! Kathy


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