Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mother Hen a new design

I enjoy having more than one rug on the frame and think I'd mentioned that in an earlier post.  So perhaps when I return to Big Dog Hollow I'll know what direction to take for the stars and sky.  So thought I'd design a small mat to offer as a pattern and drew this Mother Hen.

There were a few ideas about border or no border in my head ~ to have a few randomly placed swags, a straight border like frame, curved border or no border.  And, wasn't sure if having 5 peeps was a good idea or have just 4.  Robin of Bird in Hand suggested having 5 and making that 5th one a different color ~ excellent idea Robin, thanks for the suggestion.  Even now I'm wondering if I should have a beauty line between the red and primitive black background...... hmm, maybe the orange.  
I'd even thought of having that bottom left (the 5th) have it's tail just into the red border to give the impression that little peep had been out investigating and was just returning to it's mother; and still might do that.  I have reduced the size of the mat a smidgen as you can see from the lines on the linen.

Funny how I finally see things better when the picture is reduced and on the screen.  I need to make Mother Hen's dress a little longer on the right side bottom.  Yup, will take care of that.

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  1. sweet !! I think it's cute cause he is the little " oddball "
    Your Momma hen reminds me of myself when I had 5 small ones within 8 years ....


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