Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Boy Ben and Snow

There is no snow on the ground here at this time and lucky to escape the massive snow of the upper north east just recently.  However, we are supposed to get snow this weekend but don't know how much yet.  Sure hope it isn't even close to the several feet everyone else recieved.  

Ben loves snow ~ uh, his momma doesn't.  Last snow which was only maybe 2", I took some pictures of my boy Ben making his own snow cones by the mouthful.  This is one picture where you can see his gaping mouth grabbing up as much snow as he can.  
Now this dog has two water bowls in the house; one in the kitchen and another in the master bathroom so he is close to water at night during sleep.  There is also a bowl of water on the back porch as well as on the deck which gets frozen during low temps; so he isn't dehydrated by any stretch.  He just likes snow cones.

Here is a picture of him licking up the snow instead of gulping down mouthsful.
Obviously it is like a game to him like a kid eating snow as my brother and I did when we were kids.  My brother and I even made 'snowcream', oh what great memories that thought brings back.

So getting back to Ben..... this was a wonderful adoption of a sweet and affectionate Rottie.  He's obviously strong but such a sweet boy and I got lucky.  He was 3 years 7 months when adopted in October 2011.  Big dogs tend to take longer to grow up so he is still a pup at heart and loves to play.  

Thankfully he is great with people, loves my grandson and gets along well with other canines.  In a previous post I showed this wonderful picture of Ben and Phantom (the Rottie down the street) playing and chasing one another.  One day I'd like to do a wide cut hooked piece of this "face Off" .  It is Ben on the left and Phantom on the right.
And here they are getting a treat after they stopped panting and wanted to chill out.  Again, Ben on the left and Phantom on the right.  Ben is 117 lbs and Phantom was bigger but not sure how much he weighs.  I walk him sometimes and he is also a sweetie.
Rottweilers and Pitbulls get a bad rap because of the way they are trained, bred, raised and treated.  I've had Rottweilers before and they were also good and well behaved dogs.

So, if you are interested in adopting an animal, whether it be cat or dog, and never mind what breed, but investigate to see what animal best suits your requirements.  But please consider adoption.  Please tell the adoption location whether you have an apartment, fenced back yard, room to run, whether you like small dog or larger.  Also how much attention the dog would get for walking or playing.  

There are so many animals which are killed each year and many would be make great pets.  If you plan to adopt a large animal ask about it's rehabilitation process.  

Ben didn't need any as his momma works on his minor flaws during our walks.  His major flaw when I adopted him was wanting to kill vehicles and attack their tires.  OMG, this is turning into a book here, sorry.  But with the use of a COLLAR which gives a tone at my command it calms him.  Once he settles down I would give him a tiny treat.  So NOW, when a vehicle drives by when he is on the leash he will sit and wait for the treat rather than pull to chase the vehicle.  

Try adoption no matter what size, breed or if canine or feline.

Please be kind to one another.



  1. What a very sweet boy Ben is !! you are right...Rotts and Pitbulls have such horrible reps....Sweetest pooch I ever had was my Hayden girl..Pit/boxer mix...
    I love the pics of Ben eating "snowcones"...toooo cute !!!

  2. I think he needs some cherry flavoring for his snow.

  3. Great pics of Ben.
    Thank you for promoting adoption. You know it is very near and dear to me, too.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. What a sweet pup !
    I adore the "face off" picture...
    a real classic !
    Animals add so much to our lives.

  5. adopted dogs are some times the best ones.i was in seaford last week and was glad you only got a light dust of snow when i was there. denise

  6. Great pics of your pup and I really like that Ben enjoyed the snow cones :)

  7. Ben is a cutie! I love your pictures.HUgs Cheri


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