Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hooked Some Loops In.....

....Pulled Some Loops Out, Hooked some in again and looked it all about.  Sounds like I'm singing the Hokey Pokey, right?  In this case it is the HOOKEY Pokey and it is still unfinished so it is a SLOW Pokey. 

Sadly I think the periwinkle wool won't make it and will need to dye up a tad more.  Was sure that the half yard of that wool would be enough but don't think so.  That was the last half yard of that particular wool so if I do dye more will have to pull out some loops randomly on the left side, fill in with the new wool in places and as Tim Gunn would say, "make it work".

Here is what Shadow looks like right now.
This is what she looked like before pulling out some wool and replacing on her.  Not sure if you'll even notice the difference because it was very subtle; but I pulled out a couple dark brown rows on her cheek near the muzzle and replaced the light strip at her temple between the ear and eye.  In person it looks better but in this picture it doesn't look like there wasn't any change at all ~ guess it is the flash.
Even tho I worked on the fold of the ear to the left as you look at Shadow in the picture it looks like it still needs a little defining. 

It has been frustrating going from looking at the picture of the pose I wanted (below) with the washed out colors due to the flash of the camera.

And using her other picture for her more true colors. 
Due to the size of the piece (20 x 23) I should have been done with this by now as it was started September 15th.  I'm really getting anxious to have this off the frame and on the wall so I can start something else. 

Have a grand Sunday and hope the rain is disappearing for those of you who have been under the rain cloud all week like I have. 



  1. You are your own worse critic!!! I am sure you will be glad to have her done so you can start something new.
    Hugs :)

  2. Wow Saundra! Your rug is stunning! Of course your subject is beautiful! You are doing awesome at the colors! I know that feeling too of getting it done to be able to move on to something new... but be sure and take some time to enjoy those final loops on this masterpiece!!
    Cathy G

  3. It is so beautiful! what an amazing job!

  4. honestly, it looks like so very life like, it's a very touching tribute!

    Shadow is coming along nicely.
    You are doing a great job Saundra.


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