Sunday, February 9, 2014

500 Mile Betts Update

Happily I've been busy drawing patterns or there would have been more hooked on the Betts piece.  My plans were to hook the ducks before showing a photo but didn't happen.
So far I'm pleased but must admit being anxious about the values since throwing caution to the wind and hooking my motifs first.  Usually I know sorta what I want in my rug and pick the background color first.  Normally it is primitive black, my favorite background.   But since Harriet Powers (the woman who made this quilt in the 1800's) was black and that is how I wanted my people to be, primitive black background would not have worked. 

Oh my, and I also had a vision of what the man and woman of the house would have worn back then..... he in his farm clothes and she in what she made.  So now I've got both dark and light in my motifs...DUH, so what is the background going to be????  Your guess was/is as good as mine. 

My plans were to make it primitive and have embraced the idea that my color choices would indicate that motifs and Betts the pig would have faded out over the years.

Oh, scroll back up.  There is a story about the clock.  In the original quilt piece it was a pendulum clock which I changed.  Where the log cabin is was where pendulum clock was.   So........ if you want to see what happened before, then visit my previous posts so you can catch up.

Have a great evening everyone; and Lauren I hope you are relaxed, had fun and ready to tackle work tomorrow.  Hopefully there's no more snow so the transition is easy.



  1. Thanks for thinking of me, Saundra.
    We had quite a bit of snow again today so there will probably be lots of irate messages in the morning!
    You will be done with your rug soon, so what's next?
    Hugs :)

  2. I think the colors go wonderful together and makes a beautiful antique reproduction of the original with your own touches.


  3. it won't be long now, wondering where it will be displayed, or did I miss that somewhere?

  4. Trying to catch up here,Saundra I love the rug and find the colors to be awesome.Blessings,Jen


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