Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Back to Betts

It's getting closer and closer to the finish line.  And already I see some necessary changes.  I do like to add different wool in a motif as if...."the woman used what she had" but this time it has backfired on me I think.  Here is where I am right now.
All seemed fine until I started doing the bottom portion of the background.  There is a portion of Betts' back leg that needs to be replaced with the wool that my friend Evelyn refers to as 'pig wool' and the majority of Betts' color.  That short strip needs to be replaced so the leg doesn't look split.

Must admit that I worried about the brightness of the ducks too but lately people have told me to "plug along".  There's only a little more plugging and I'll be done.  But after deciding what needs changing I'll give you an update.

OH, yes, the GEO UFO is still looking at me.  And my hearts might maybe be done in time for Valentines day.

Horrendous snow storm headed here, the same one which was in Atlanta.  Happy to post while I have power.  Be safe, be warm, and God bless.

OH, Lauren, HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Girl, I am really enjoying watching you create this rug. You made this whole rug come together brilliantly with the wool you chose. ~Anita

  2. It is fun to see your piece as you go along. Maybe some darker shades mixed into the background?


  3. You go girl ~ so close already :)
    I hope the storm misses you. Not yet sure if we are once again supposed to get some. I hope not!!!
    Hugs :)

  4. That is such a fun rug!!!!! You are doing a great job on it. Stay safe during the snow storm

    Wooley hugs,

  5. first of all, i love the composition of this one - especially the people - and all the colors. I think the thing you're bumping into (if you're looking for input - i think you are?) is that the value of the porcine beauty and the background are the same. if you squint you can see they blend into each other. then the tan sections in the pig pull it into the background even more. not sure how to fix - maybe shift to a darker/lighter scheme for the pig or outline the top of it a bit? i'm sure you'll work your way through it - you're a master - love your stuff!

  6. Saundra, I wish I could do that kind of work. It is so beautiful and amazing.

    You are really working on it like a busy bee and you are almost done.
    It is coming out BEAUTIFUL, you should be so proud of yourself!

    Happy Hooking,
    Blessings and Hugs
    Tricia XO


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