Friday, February 21, 2014

Chicken Challenge Start Up

I'm not making much of a great showing at the start up on the Chicken Challenge rug.  My friend "Little Miss Smarty Pants" Lauren of Rugs and Pugs is WAY ahead of me.  She says I'M a fast hooker yet she is the one working overtime at her day job while I'm retired and have accomplished less. Good for you gal, glad you had a great time at the hook in.  So here is my minor contribution to the CC (Chicken Challenge) endeavor.

Tomorrow I'll show a more accomplished update (I hope) and will explain why mine is going in the direction I've chosen.  But of course gal pal Lauren might have hers done by then.
And Rose of Three Sheep Studio asked the dimensions of my geometric rug.  Uh, Lauren, I cannot believe YOU didn't ask.  This is how the UFO GEO was left and IF it is hooked as it is drawn the dimensions will be 21 x 35.  For sure it will be 21" wide.  How long will it be?  Even I don't know yet.
Have a great weekend everyone. 




  1. OMG dear girl,
    You are TOO FUNNY!!!
    Are we just a bit competitive??? You are off to a great start. Of course I am going to like yours much better than mine. I do already. overtime this week.
    Little Miss Smarty Pants

  2. Your chicken is coming out great! LOVE to hook chickens soooo much fun :) Enjoy Your Time! ~My Best, Kimberly


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