Friday, February 7, 2014

A Valentine in the Mail

It is always great to receive a package you've ordered, or a giveaway win, but what a wonderful surprise it is to receive an unexpected package.  Yes, dear sweet Lauren, I'll be your Valentine.

Lauren sent this great hooked heart stuffed with lavender and a silver "S" which I could use as either a scissor fob or a pendant.  Well hey, Lauren provided everything I need to use them as either whenever I wish... and so I will.
That was my surprise package.  Lauren's hooking is impeccable, her loops are shoulder to shoulder like little soldiers.  I'll bet that she is that person in a class everyone is envious of and whose hooking is so even it doesn't even need to be steamed.

I've acquired lots of friends thru blogging, many of whom I've never met and hoping one day to meet my friend Lauren of Rugs and Pugs

Thank you Lauren and am very glad you are having fun at Sauder and away from the desk job during snow season.  Time to play and have fun.



  1. those are wonderful, love them both!
    how sweet of her! good for you!

  2. Lauren is just the sweetest person. I love her hearts and she has been so busy at work.

  3. How sweet of Lauren! That is a beautiful heart.Hugs,Jen


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