Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hooked Hearts

I've hooked three hearts; two in red and one in brassy gold.  Despite the majority who prefer the heart shape hooking I boldly went for the horizontal hooking of the gold one.  Now that they are hooked and steamed it is time to make them into hearts.  First thing I did was trace around the heart 1" beyond the last row of hooking and trimmed.
 Next I serged the edges.  Yeah, I know it is going to be just a heart and stuffed inside but feel that there shouldn't be raw edges.... my idiosyncrasy.  Should have done better planning as I would have made a 'stay stitch' at the heart's plunge at the top.  Since it wasn't well planned then resorted to applying Fray Check there after making the snip (you can see the darkened area).
Decided to not do the patchwork back like Betsy did and just went for a plain wool back.  Everything was tucked inside and hand stitched all around while leaving an opening in the side for stuffing snippets and lavender buds.
This is how one heart looks; it is completely stitched and stuffed with some wool snippets and over half cup of lavender buds.  This picture was taken in my kitchen but the heart is now at my bedside table so the calming aroma of lavender will take me to restful sleep tonight.
OH!  See those decorative birdhouses on my harvest table?  They are made from vintage wood and hardware from the Victorian Chalefonte Hotel in Cape May.  I love these and they remind me of the years of friendship and attending that wonderful camp.
Have a great evening everyone.  For those of you suffering more snow, I have empathy.  Thank goodness it was just an annoying rain today and not snow or sleet.  I'm definitely ready for spring.

Hey, don't forget that I've a needlepoint giveaway and a name will be drawn tomorrow.  Unless someone else signs up before tomorrow's drawing it looks like there's a winner. 



  1. They turned out so cute! I have a couple that I've made, but I want to attach them to the top of a candlestick or antique bobbin and I'm having a heckuva time getting them to stay put!

  2. Sweet hearts! I, too, had to finish the raw edges and use fray check. I did the patchwork back on my two but did not stuff them.
    Oh, what a day at work. I had at least 75 calls and not one person was happy. I was told that I was snotty, that I didn't give a damn and was hung up on several times. God, I love my!
    Hugs :)

  3. Have done a little counted needlepoint. The kits look wonderful. Love your blog.

  4. Oh. I'd love to be in the needlepoint giveaway. Lol

  5. love the red hearts and the houses, the gold looking one sure is different, not bad, but just different! lavender,mmmmm

  6. That gold heart is a show stopper Saundra ! Beautiful.


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