Monday, February 3, 2014

Overdue Updates on Projects

It's been a while since you've seen updates on 500 Mile Betts and the vintage adaptation of Santa and Deer since I got hooked on hooking hearts.  Several times during the hooking of this was tempted to pull out the background and find something else.  Normally I have a vision of a rug and know the background color I want, which is usually primitive black.  But this time I wanted to hook my motifs first and thought the light texture would work okay. 

The problem ~ the values are so darn close between the background and some of the motifs that it would not get good marks if I was being graded by a teacher, that's for sure.  I can remember Bev Conway telling the class that, "....the color gets all the credit but the value did the work".  Yet when I look at this picture think I'll continue doing what I am doing anyway since I've reached the point of no return.  This may go down as the worst color selection of any rug I've hooked so far.
Finally the antique adaptation of Santa and Deer is done.  Well the hooking that is.  But the binding can wait since there is no rush as it won't be needed until about 10 months from now.
So tonight I think that I'll start hooking the third Heart that was drawn.  At least I'll be on time for one holiday since Santa didn't make it for Christmas.  I know the poll indicates that more people like hooking following the heart shape but think I'll hook this next one in golds going horizontal.  Guess that's the rebel in me but was very interested in seeing what the majority likes. 

OH, by the way, have no clue how two polls ended up on my blog and by the time I discovered it there were too many votes on each for me to remove one. 

Hope you have a great evening and staying warm.



  1. I don't think your choices are so bad you outlined your figures so I think it looks great.
    love santa.

  2. I like the gray& blues in the background. It's adding some separation. Nice finish n Santa.

  3. Hi Saundra, I love when you share your knowledge! I do love your newest rug.hugs cheri

  4. Santa and Deer is spectacular and if 500 Mile Betts is the worst of your color planning, you shouldn't worry in the least. I think it will end up great.
    Hugs :)

  5. I learned not to unhook until I have the whole piece finished, so far it looks nice and the muted colors will give it more of an aged look, like when colors fade.


  6. I like that...
    "the color gets all the credit, but the value did the work." Very clever.
    I really like the work you are doing on the Betts rug. Not all rugs will be the's good to stretch !

  7. Saundra - I think there is enough contrast between the figures and the background wool - wait till you're totally done before you pull anything out - I don't think you'll need to. Thanks for sharing Bev's philosophy - that's a good one!


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