Sunday, February 23, 2014

More Applique Stitcheries I've done

I've shown you the monthly stitcheries but forgot all about others I've done.  Actually this design was at the top of the pamphlets for those 12 month series put out by Indygo Junction previously shown.  Since I was returning HOME after 8 years living the city life this HAD to be on the wall in the house under construction.  And so it was.
Once upon a time (and I hope I get my juju back one day) I used to make dolls.  Primitive fabric, clay, Edward Tulane Rabbits and even way far out elinor peace bailey type dolls.  But my very favorite were the primitives.  So this wall hanging was to go in my sewing room using a branch from the property on which the house was built.
Another I did for my mother, who has passed.  My mother loved her coffee.  It is hard to see but there is a coffee cup, candles and pictures of family on a table.  Those are pictures of her parents, me and her together much younger, my brother and her brothers.
Sorry that I don't remember the designers of all these designs.  They each and all are enjoyed by me.

Since I'm busy working on the commission I've no hooking to show on either the chicken challenge nor the UFO geo....sorry.  Hope you won't forget about me. and will come back to visit. 



  1. This may be a good time for all of US hookers who are standing around hooking by association, to get some REAL hooking done ourselves... I'm been lurking over your shoulders for months now! Keep in touch! ~Anita

  2. How could we ever forget you???
    Love the applique with the family pictures.
    Hugs :)

  3. love the doll one and esp. the family one, that's precious!

  4. Saundra,
    I think it's fun to see other things you've done in the past. I've also done a little bit of applique in the past. In fact, I have one piece that needs to be finished into a pillow for spring.....guess I'd best get on that!!


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