Thursday, February 20, 2014

Switching Projects

Oh my but I do make one mess when hooking a rug.  Since I'll be switching projects thought I'd move the UFO geometric to the love seat where it will be visible and ever ready when I feel the desire to pull a loop. 

This is how the work area on my sofa usually gets to look like.  It was in the colorful tote which held the geo over these last months and years, with wool strips all mixed together.  When I decided to work on it again I then pulled wool strips which I spent hours separating into colors to use also.  If you look in this picture you can see wool strips on the back of the sofa, strips on the sofa arm, there are also strips on the coffee table to the left of the sofa.  Oh, I love leaning back on my hooked pillow.
Another view of the wool mess from a different angle.
So when I started cleaning up discovered still more random lost wool worms hidden under the baskets.
Well, now everything needs to be separated by color once again.  But it will probably have to wait until after the geo has been put to bed again ~ not done ~ just to rest for a while longer.  For now it is resting on the love seat in the living room while I await the commission piece I'm to hook.  Meanwhile, I'm hoping it doesn't arrive today because I'd like to start working on my Chicken Challenge rug.  It is beckoning me and feel as tho I've hooked enough blocks on the geo to reward myself.
As soon as I have something ready to show on the Chicken rug I'll post a picture.  And, I'd also love to see updates on rugs from those of you who are doing the Chicken Challenge rug too.  If you don't know what I'm referring to or have just decided to join in, click HERE

Have a great day everyone.



  1. I always like keeping my rug on the frame so I could hook a bit here and there, but I sold my floor model so I will have to get used to hooking on a smaller frame, still need to finish a big rug I started.


  2. I'm a messy hooker, too!
    So did your commission piece arrive today or did you start the CC?
    Hugs :)

  3. Oh my Saundra, you have a lot going, all at once ! ;)
    I am rooting for the Geo rug. I can hardly wait to see it finished. What size is the Geo Rug ?

  4. Just seeing your "mess" makes me feel not so alone!!


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