Tuesday, February 18, 2014

In Limbo.... Sorta

As I'm waiting for the commission rug to arrive have decided to start pulling wool for my Chicken Challenge Rug.  At least it will give me a nice warm woolie feeling in preparing to hook it.  This is what my first thoughts are right now but still have a few other colors to pull.  Hmm, different seeing the wool in a photo with a flash vs. in person.
Although I've been busy drawing out 20 small patterns today I did manage to pull a few loops on the UFO GEO.
Now this is a lesson that personally hit home ~ so you newbies might want to take note.  I started this geometric rug several years ago when I was still learning techniques of rug hooking.  Not that there is a right or wrong, but where you pull the loops does make a difference.

If you look carefully at the rug above you will see some sharp corners and some blocks which end up being rounded or at least squiggly.  That is because I didn't know how to make a good SQUARE corner.  Instead I was hooking and turning and the corners became more rounded.  Honestly, I'm not sure which I like best.  Some of those early blocks seem more endearing to me than the sharp squared off corners. 

So to make a NICE SQUARE corner, for instance at the very perimeter corners of your rug, you want to hook one loop further down the line, turn and then go one linen thread inside toward the rug design and hook the length of the rug.  Ditto at the next corner.  That will give you a very nice sharp corner.

I'd really be interested in hearing your favorite on my geometric as to the squared or squiggly .  But at least now you know how and can choose to make a difference just by moving your loop over one row.

Have a great night everyone.



  1. I have most of those wools :)
    When I enlarged the geo pic, I really wasn't sure were you were talking about the two different corners. I guess it's not as apparent to me.
    Hugs :)

  2. I don't think I notice it that much in the picture.
    but I do love the colors.

  3. I think it is cool that this rug is a study of your skill progression. You know I like the postage stamp look of the squigglies; but I appreciate the tutorial tip. :) learn something new everyday.

  4. I think they both work in this rug. Its hard for anyone starting something new to deal with the "not perfect" side of learning, but I think those things have a certain charm and definitely records you progress in your craft. Every heirloom tells a story, and it usually starts at the beginning.

  5. I don't notice enough difference in the picture to make a decision either way. Love the rug.

  6. Love that geo rug. Can't wait to see it finished. I'm not generally into geos but this one I like, I can see the difference in the squared off vs the squiggly but it's not really apparent. You have to look for it so I can't say which I like better. The squiggly might blend more, more of a gentle look? I can't think of the words I'm looking for. But the rug is going to be fantastic!!

    Kiss Ben for me!!



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