Sunday, February 16, 2014

Remember That Chicken Challenge?

A few posts ago I mentioned this was a free chicken challenge for anyone who wished to participate.  It is a personal challenge with no deadline and a free what's not to like?  This is a photo of the original antique rug from which the challenge originated.  Ignore those marks on the picture as that is what someone used to do some markings but also some misdirected lines. 
This was the line drawing that was sent to me and was told to share with the rug hooking community.
If you scroll back a few posts you will see the rug hooked by the 3 pals who saw this rug in an antique shop.

Today I drew mine out.  I'm only going to show you the bottom part of the linen because it is the upper part for which I'm taking 'challenge' creative license and don't want anyone to see it yet.  So you can see that is just like the original ~ so far so good since I do want it to be recognized somewhat like the original.
However, today I received an order for a commission hooked piece which I won't get until maybe Wednesday or Thursday (since Monday is a holiday).  Which means there is no sense in me starting to hook this and have to stop and hook the commission. 

However, I can work on the geometric (oh isn't that just peachy?*!+#), but perhaps it is for the best to give me something to do to fill in time and accomplish more on it.  When I need to take a break over the next couple days I can start pulling wool and really plan out the colors for the Chicken Challenge.

OH, since I won't be enlarging the rug have already done my pre-finish two rows of straight stitch and one row of zig zag 1" away from the end of the rug.  This way it is easier before the rug becomes more bulky and weighty after being hooked.  When I'm not sure if I'll make the border bigger I'll sometimes put off doing this part.  But sure is easier to handle before it is already hooked.

Hope you had a great weekend.



  1. I can't wait to see what you came up with, for your piece and what your commission will be.


  2. I'm sure you have something great planned for the top of the chicken rug. I like that there is no deadline, so I still think I might do it. But then again, I joined a pattern of the month club last month and I'm behind already. Lol

  3. You're bad teasing us like that.
    I was going to work on a UFO, but all day I've been thinking about the Chicken Challenge. Plus I bought a couple new patterns to add to the too many I already have. Crap! What's a hooker to do?
    Are you allowed to share the commission piece?
    Hugs :)

  4. You just cannot get away from that geo. rug, can you !! lol

  5. Can't wait to see what you do with the chicken rug!

  6. Look forward to seeing your creative reveal. :)


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