Tuesday, June 24, 2014

ALMOST DIDN'T Do it Again!!

Was so excited to get a pattern on my frame I didn't take a moment to think about doing my pre-binding protection 1" away from the design.  Yup, and here is the proof.  However, this was my second go-around with color planning.  Notice the colors of the stems of the flowers on this picture and then the one below.
So let me back up a bit and show you how I considered hooking the antique rug.  YIKES.... did I really consider that bright blue for the leaf in this antique piece?  And in looking closer at the original antique rug realized the main stems weren't blue at all.  It was the outward and encompassing stems which held the blue color.
So, tomorrow I'll show you my pre-binding stitching, hooking progress  also show the original antique so I can see if I'm close to replicating it.
Have a great evening folks.  I think spring is finally over and summer is here for a while.



  1. Oh, Lord. This will only take you a couple days so what's next...lol???
    Hugs :)

  2. So loving your colors and rug.
    You will have this done in a day or so.

  3. Love this new design !
    Will be watching how you bring it all together ;)

  4. Hi Saundra, I always love the way you share what your doing. It is a challenge color I feel like I am never sure where a rug is going when I am hooking. I have an idea and then it seems the wools take over. Lol hugs cheri


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