Friday, June 6, 2014

Magdalena Farm Update

At least all the motifs are hooked now and it is the interesting background that Magdalena was so well known for left to hook.  Actually, that is exactly the reason the backgrounds of the Magdalena designs aren't and really are fun to hook.  Here's what the rug looks like taken on the back porch in natural evening light. 
Since my back is healing there's yard work and grass cutting in my forecast tomorrow; so not sure when another loop will be pulled other than maybe over coffee tomorrow morning as I plan my day.

Have a great evening everyone and hope you had a chance to get outside and enjoy the low humidity and perfect breeze and temps.



  1. Your rug looks wonderful I am having color planning block.
    I have a rug to color plan and I want it to be outside of my normal colors so I think I will have to try to dye I never have great luck so we shall see.

  2. I love this rug of yours... I bet Magdelina did not plan her rugs! I never plan my rugs... I know I should though. I'm working on a cowboy/landscape scene. I'm using light colorful wool to make up the ground, whatever I find in my small stash I use... If I need to hook a plant, I gather all my greens and pick wool from those!! Is there a better way, haha!!Dang, I miss Cambria!

  3. Saundra ~
    You are hooking this in record time. I am so jealous. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bird.
    Hugs :)

  4. Zippity do da! Look at you go. Love the rich colors in this rug. That blue and red are eye catching. Feel better soon.


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