Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Magdalena Farm Update and.... What Next?

The last couple days has provided limited hooking time for me so not a whole lot more has changed since you last saw the rug.  Here is Magdalena's Farm by Woolley Fox as it looks at the moment.
Since there is just background to hook, but interesting background I might add, I'm thinking about popping something else on a frame to start for fun.  Yes, backgrounds can be either boring or soothing and something you can do in your sleep....well almost.

So there are two designs sitting on the fence that I'm trying to decide between to start next.  One is a fantastic kit I luckily won from Maria Barton's generous Giveaway from Star Rug Company last fall and have been itching to hook it ever since (thank you Maria!).
The other is an antique adaptation of this floral antique rug.  I love antique rugs and think part of the charm is the color changes in the background where similar colors were used to fill in.  Also like that 'dirty worn' look of light colors from years of use ~ dirty farm soiled feet and the like.  Oh the stories they could tell.
The Star Rug design is small and all the wool has been selected so right there for me to cut (thank you again Maria!).  And the antique I'd have to pull the colors for which would take time.  Hmm, ya think I've made up my mind yet?  Stay tuned and find out.  BUT, it won't happen tonight and for the next two days I've got my dear grandson after school so it will be a few days before I can play more in the wool room. 

Have a great evening everyone and hope you received JUST the right amount of rain needed for the growth of your gardens and yard.



  1. At the rate you hook, you'll have Maria's pumpkin done in a day or two. What a wonderful antique rug. I know you will do it justice.
    When is your grandson done with school? Mine was done yesterday and I had him this evening so not much done here.
    Hugs :)

  2. I love the white pumpkin, but then I love the Fall season. I think you will go with the challenge of picking your own wools first.

  3. the antique design is one of my favorites...looking forward to see where you head with the colors...oh yeah,you can be done with the pumpkin while you think about colors for the antique...

  4. You will Zip right thru hooking the white pumpkin.....I won that too & Love It ....Love your antique design too !


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