Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Magdalena's Farm Update

Yeah, I'm sure you are all wanting to see my progress (or lack of) on Magdalena's Farm rug which was started at Woolley Fox camp a couple weeks ago.  In my defense, upon coming home from camp felt it necessary to finish The Cat's Meow rug first since it was so close to being done and was started before attending camp.  That is why there's not more accomplished on this fun rug.
Well, as usual my inclinations were to continue having fun and hooking without posting an update.  But since it was time to move the rug on the frame decided to take a picture.  It appears to be ALMOST half hooked.  Geez, this may be a record since this wasn't started until May 19th.

Have a great evening everyone, we in the east will soon experience the storms the center of the U.S. will experience tonight.  May we all be safe and ... GOD  BLESS  AMERICA.   GOD knows we need his help.



  1. You are making remarkable progress!!!
    I do hope we get some rain. It's unbelievable how dry we are already. Not good for the beginning of June.
    Hook on, my friend.

  2. The rug is gorgeous, love the wools you are using and the color variations.



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