Monday, June 9, 2014

What I Hooked in 2013

A little over a year ago I decided to start a list of the rugs, mats and purses I'd hooked since beginning my love of hooking.  I'm sure there are items I've hooked, sold and have since forgotten about but with the help of some saved photos or rugs I own started my list.  The first one finished of the new year of 2013 would have been:

Henny Penny designed by Barb Carroll of Woolley Fox, but I hooked this one at home.

Oh Deer, another Barb Carroll Design and hooked this one in her class.

Jack Designed by Barb Carroll and it was a free pattern insert in the Oct/Nov 1997 issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.  The picture shows up brighter than in person since I took it with a flash.

Red Bird of Pennsylvania, an antique adaptation by Woodland Junction Primitives.

Westmoreland Ponies by Barb Carroll is a free pattern insert in one of the RHM but I forget just which one right now.  However, I loved it so much after living with it in the Woolley Cottage for 3 days that I had to buy the pattern and some wool for it while at camp last year.
Long Island Farm is a Lucille Festa, American Country Rugs design which was started before Cape May last year.

And my Shadow Memorial from photo of her, was started at Cape May under the tutelage of Diane Stoffel.  Shadow was hooked using #8 strips.

Antique Hearts and Swags, an adaptation of an antique is offered by Woodland Junction Primitives.  This was started last November in a class with Betsy Reed of Heavens to Betsy; I made it into pillow.

And lastly, Santa and Deer Antique Adaptation was started during the Christmas holiday week to make it feel  more like Christmas.  For years I'd promised myself to hook this vintage rug and now I've got it done and am ready for the Christmas holiday this year.  Uh, but not ready for the snow just yet we haven't even gone thru summer.  Santa and Deer can also be found on Woodland Junction Primitives.
So for the rugs and mats I can account for, that would be 88 pieces up to the Santa and Deer.  And so far for 2014 I'm working on the 4th for this year, which is the Magdalena Farm that I'm working on right now.
Happy Hooking everyone.


  1. Wow! I'm impressed! Wish I was have that productive!! Hook on, woman!

  2. You have made a lot of beautiful rugs this year.


  3. What a wonderful show...looks like you're on a roll again this year too!

  4. A wonderful list of rugs and still more to come I need to get with it although I will never catch up.

  5. Beautiful rugs Lady. Such neat loops. I have more practice to be done in getting my technique down.

  6. Great rugs, Saundra.
    I think my favorite is Henny Penny for its antique look, but that Santa and Deer is on my hooking bucket list.
    Hook on, my friend :)

  7. Beautiful rugs, Saundra !
    "Shadow" still remains my favorite.
    It was amazing to see you bring the photograph to life !

  8. Saundra,
    You are a very busy hooker. My output is not quite so prolific as yours, but I keep dreaming.
    Thanks for all the tips you pass onto those of us out here. I could use your help in color planning. That is a big problem with me.

    You go,


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