Saturday, June 14, 2014

Duluth Pumpkin Giveaway Update

At least DULUTH PUMPKIN is the name at the bottom of the lucky win from Maria Barton's BLOG Giveaway last fall.  As I had a rug started and an upcoming rug camp didn't start hooking it then.  But the kit was kept in sight teasing me ever since.  The mat isn't done and hasn't been steamed so the button eyes are only placed on the mat for this photo. 
It has been a while since I've done the beading technique and each time I start it is like learning all over again.  My fingers under the frame have to remember the 'touch' as to which color wool I'm holding in which hand.  Thus the variance in which side the orange or dark beading is on.  However, you must agree the top side results makes quite an impact on the design of a rug.

Oh, this picture from the back was taken outside on my deck in natural light since the flash wouldn't go off. That's why there is a difference in coloring.  But you can still see that I tried to work each color on a certain side of my hand as I did the BEADING.  Yeah, sometimes the strip accidentally switched in my hand but I'm not ripping out.
It's a smallish piece and could easily have hooked it in a day if I didn't have other things going on.  Uh, but isn't that the way with all of us hookers?  Yet we are always looking for a minute here and there to pull a few loops.

Tonight is warm, mild and LOW humidity.  Ah, wonderful evening and hope you are also enjoying your weekend.  Please be kind to one another... animals and human alike.



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  2. He is looking dandy! Love the border technique; thanks for sharing the front and the back. :)

  3. Loved seeing both sides of your progress. I love the white pumpkin

  4. That is a really fun piece, I like the look of a white pumpkin.


  5. Your pumpkin looks great !!!

  6. Are you done yet??? Those button eyes are fun.
    I love the look of beading but have done it just a few times so I still find it awkward, too.
    Hugs :)


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