Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Little About A Lot

First, as promised, here is an update on the Magdalena Farm rug which was started with Barb Carroll on May 18th.  Wow, hard to believe that much has been accomplished in just a month and I hooked the Duluth Pumpkin too.  That might be an all time record for me even; Magdalena's Farm measures a comfortable (for me) 24 x 38, so it isn't a mat.  Well, guess it could be called a mat by some hooker's standards but not to me.
And it just registered to me that I had not taken the time to do my 'pre-binding' stitching all the way around.  So now I'm left with having to manipulate this heavy rug as I do 3 rows of stitching all the way around the 4 sides.  What was I thinking? 

Obviously I wasn't thinking at all and the pattern had been in my possession for well over a month so there's no excuse for me.  Needless to say I'm really dreading binding this one for that reason.  Having osteo-arthritis in my hands doesn't help when having to manipulate a heavy rug.  Oh well, I'll get the job done because Cape May is coming in September and it will be ready for the show then.

Frankly, I had neglected to do the pre-stitching on Duluth Pumpkin too but that is a smallish piece and that was taken care of today.  First I drew a line down the ditch just 1" away from the last row of hooking all the way around.  You can see I trimmed off the corners so there will be less bulk when I do the mitre at the corners.
Next I did one row of straight stitch ON the drawn line, a second row of straight stitching just inside that first row, and then a zig zag stitch connecting the two rows of straight stitching to secure the edge.  This way there is much less chance of the edges fraying under the binding.
Then I trimmed away the very generous excess linen that Maria Barton provided on this piece. 
Since The Cat's Meow still isn't completely bound this will join 'the land of limbo' a shameful club that I am a member of.

And another topic I'd like to discuss is my sadness that I'm unable to reply to those kind and interested hookers who have questions.  I click 'reply' to send a note only to find they are a NO-REPLY BLOGGER. 

No one thinks they are a no reply blogger since they joined BLOGGER, they have an e-mail and receive e-mails from friends and relatives constantly.  Not the same thing and you could STILL be a "No-Reply Blogger".

Recently there was a fairly new hooker who had a question about my pre-binding around The Cat's Meow rug.  I clicked the 'reply' tab but it showed she was a NO-REPLY BLOGGER.  Hopefully she will read this post and click on the link HERE which will once again explain to all how to fix the problem. 

She probably thinks that I'm stuck up, don't have the time for newbies or don't want to share.  Those who know me know that is not me at all.  I love to share and would do so in a reply if it was possible.  So, for the heck of it, click on the link above to see if you too are a no reply blogger.  You might have to scroll down a tad to see the large print information, but it is there.

Have a great evening everyone and hope you are staying cool.  The 'feel as' temperatures in Delaware were over 100 degrees today and the next two days will be hotter.

God Bless those of you who were in the path of the twin tornadoes in Nebraska.  My heart goes out to you.



  1. anybody that reads your blog can see that you are one of the most generous bloggers to give advise to newbies! Thanks for your time!

  2. Fun pumpkin. Love those eyes.
    Oh, you are so close to another finish. Can you say jealous???
    Hugs :)

  3. You were so kind to help me month ago to become a reply blogger. Thank you

    Hugs, Kat

  4. Your Magdalena's Farm is looking fabulous! The colors really sing to me! That red horse...!!
    Thank you so much for enlightening the no-reply bloggers as to how they can change that status! I have had the same thing happen and it's very frustrating not to be able to reply! Your blog is so very informative and helpful to many newer and experienced rug hookers alike!!
    I can never remember to sew around my rugs before I start hooking either.... LOL! You should have seen me trying to navigate that America rug on my sewing machine... crazy!!
    Cathy G

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  6. You're doing such a great job on your Magdalena rug and I just love that cute little pumpkin mat!!!


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