Friday, June 20, 2014

Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Mo

Guess I'm sounding like a broken record as I'm again undecided about what to put on my frame next.  There are so many rugs/mats wanting and waiting to be hooked.  There are a few Woolley Fox patterns that I have ready to go as well as some antique rugs that I'm itchin' to hook.

This is a design named "Got Wool" by Woolley Fox and my pal Deb hooked this one.  She and I both purchased the pattern at the same time when we were at Barbs.  I love how Deb hooked hers; think she did this when we were in a class with Lucille Festa.
This is another pattern I have from WF.  After visiting Barb in May and saw this beauty on her wall (again), it rekindled the flame so this is definitely an option.

Another on my 'to do' list is Old Ducks, which is a Magdalena Briner design.  I pulled this beautiful hooked piece from Barb's web site under the Magdalena Briner page.
And then there are these antique rugs which are pulling on my heartstrings too.  This rug is a little tattered from age and would like to hook this one day.  Matter of fact Alice posted a picture on her BLOG of the same design she is hooking.
Here is an early rug I'd also love to hook and has basically the same colors as my Cat's Meow, so no wonder it was beckoning me.
This is something I recently found on Pinterest and like the plump pony and guess they are either parrots on the side or birds.  But then I just finished hooking two horses.
Well, these are just a few rug designs which have been bouncing around in my cranium lately.  But ya know what.... by the time I finally pull the last loop on the Magdalena Farm rug might just take a detour and something else will be hot and top of the list.

Have a great weekend.



  1. I need to organize my rug patterns and wool, time to start making some to replace the old ones.


  2. You are blessed to be doing what you love and so giving to share it with us. Hugs, Kat


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