Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Time for Another Rug Show

Since I'm now only hooking on one rug and just showed you an update, I'm stalling here to accomplish more on the rug which hasn't been hooked on yet today.  Guess I'll soon have to pull out something else to start so that I've two to share so you don't get bored....or I don't.  I really like this rug and the border is eye catching except it would make for a troublesome hooking border 'me thinks'.

I always like a horse rug.
And not that I'd hook it myself I found the floral interesting so must be the colors.
Just love this chain stitch rug found in Lancaster and I'm eyeing it for a new pattern.
And have eyes on this leopard; my mind is going nuts thinking how to hook the background without going nuts. 

Just before choosing to hook The Cat's Meow rug it was between that design and this rug.  Both have the same pastel and quite colors that I found endearing.  And something about the use of red; just a lovely rug and if only one could replicate the softened look of wear.  OH, that reminds me of something Barb taught me at camp and I'll share that tomorrow IF I remember. 
Not sure that I'd hook it but this caught my attention. 
This one below I've my eye on to hook too.  Notice the half moon and full moon faces.  Those same full moon faces appeared in other antique rugs and I first became aware of it when I saw Boyertown Pups at Woolley Fox.  And, I wonder why 3 leaf clovers instead of the lucky 4 leaf clovers. 
One sees 3 leaf clovers in antique rugs but I cannot remember seeing the 4 leaf.  Oh, and the fish, is that a religious symbol in the rug?  Antique rug designs really make me pause and make my mind wonder.  I wonder about the people who hooked them, their textile used, a necessity for use or barter to provide for family?

Well kiddies, I'm going to do a little hooking tonight and hope to post an update tomorrow.  We're to get thunderstorms this evening and should be closing in soon.  Hope you are all safe, getting a little rain but not too much.

So guess I'll say "TA TA" for now.  Please be kind to one another.



  1. We've had several hours of a gentle rain. My gardens are lovin' it. We already had gotten so dry ~ not good for early June.
    I, too, need to get off this dang machine and pull a few loops!
    Thanks for the rug show.
    Hugs :)

  2. I loved your rug show! I also liked the house with all the red! I am not sure about the 3 leaf clover but I do wonder if it is not religious/spiritual Saint Patrick used the three leaf clover to evangelize Ireland ,it represented the trinity. The fish was also used in the New Testament times. Christians were being persecuted and they were not sure who they could trust, so they would knell down and draw a half of a fish in the sand and if the other person was a believer they would complete the fish. And today it just represents Christianity.

  3. That is one thing about the antique rugs, I like the old look and not easy to replicate, lol.


  4. Very lovely and interesting rugs!

  5. Great collection of "old" goodness.
    Loving the first and last rugs the best !

  6. Beautiful rugs, I love the schoolhouse faded red rug the most too. About the four leaved clover, superstitions have changed so maybe four leaved clovers weren't considered lucky so why do it?

  7. Wonderful early rugs...the soft reds are simply beautiful!


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