Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Question from A Follower

Thank you Glenda for asking this question:
  • Ok a question from a newbie? When I see pillows with designs such as a pumpkin hooked directly on the wool , is a piece of wool the foundation cloth? Didn't know if it is hooked directly or hooked and sewed on.
Here is a tote that I made a few years ago, as a relatively newbie hooker.  My foundation was really cheap burlap and now wish I'd used a nicer burlap because there are big gaps here and there in the weaving.  But after the small amount of hooking was done I assembled the tote and lined it with a tea colored muslin.  Side one...
The other side.
The pattern and instructions came from this booklet called "Collections", a Kindred Spirits publication.  So if you sew and would like your own tote, you can purchase the book from Ali HERE.
Here is another example of hooking on wool.  This was purchased on e-bay and I was quite the lucky girl as the woman who made this did a nice job.  The wool she hooked on was a suitable wool for hooking so hooking thru regular wool could work if you have a hook with a broad shank like a Harman.  LOVE my Hartman Hooks and wish I got a penny for each time I mentioned their name.  Matter of fact this cute thing will go with me to Cape May and I'll put my wallet and room key inside when I go shopping. The colors are right for fall.
When in the doll making mood I made this doll and hooked the flowers on an unsuitable hooking weight wool from a piece of clothing purchased at my local thrift shop (after the wool was washed and dried).  At that time of buying the wool didn't realize that because there was polyester and other stuff mixed with the wool it wouldn't be suitable for hooking.  So, used it as the foundation.
Well, thought for sure I had a picture of the doll I made but can't find it.  Made one the same as pictured on the Kindred Spirits booklet AND also made one with hooked flowers in the front of the dress instead of penny flowers.  So wool can be used to hook on as foundation cloth.
There is also Verel.  This is a piece I received from Jeanette (now departed) from Fraser Rugs.  When anyone ordered something during the holiday months Jeanette made sure something for free was put in the order.  One day I'm going to hook this in remembrance of her.  BTW, Fraser Rugs is still a customer friendly mom and pop company.  If you own a Fraser cutter or Bliss you can be sure to get excellent and speedy professional work.
You can see how loosely it is woven and would be great to hook on and think verel comes in different colors but since I've never ordered any don't know for sure. 
Not sure who in the states sells verel think it is more widely known in Canada. 
Oh, and Glenda, you are also right in that people do hook a design on a foundation of their choice and stitch it onto the wool of choice for their pillow or other project.  So experiment and do what inspires you by using what you have and what you have in mind. 
Really, there is no right or wrong ~ only results.  When I look at some of the textile works of people I'm in awe because they push the envelope.   
Guess it is time to take my boy out and get back to doing what I need to prepare to leave for Cape May on Sunday morning.  Have a great evening and I'll post something tomorrow too.  So for now TA TA!


  1. I always wanted to try that, love the look.
    I have used verel and our store used to carry it, but haven't been in years. I know Whispering Hill farms carried it.


  2. I have a question I am going to cut that antique paisley and which direction do I cut so that the treads on the back are short or long?

  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question! I am finishing up a rug and then I think I will do some experimenting.


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