Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ready for a Rug Show?

When I'm at a loss to show something of accomplishment or a tutorial it is time for a rug show.  Besides, I always enjoy looking at rugs whether antique, in progress or finished.  So it was time for me to look at my archive photos. 
Below is a group of rugs which were to be auctioned off and am guessing it was from the same owner and perhaps same hooker.
 Another rug where the hooker made use of what she had and with a hit and miss background.  I always thought they would be so easy to do but find it more stressful than a primitive dark or light background. 

Guess we all know who this rug is about.  Interesting that the hooker put a darker background around the head of the horse than was around George Washington.  Now, could be that when she used the wool for around one head, by the time she got to the other that was the wool she had to use.  I find it so interesting to look at antique rugs.
I found this rug which sold for several thousand dollars whereas the one above was sold for $830 when I found it.  Since my hands and eyes didn't see these rugs in person am wondering if the one below was an adaptation of the one above.  Bet'cha so and the hooker was one lucky person to win the lottery.
Obviously this horse was a two star winner as everything but the horse and stars are faded or muted.
For those of you who like geometrics here is something with a pop of red and blue.
Two women, two dogs and two hidden trees on the sides of the house. 
And for some reason I LOVE this orange cat.  Why?  I don't know for sure, all I know is that it speaks to me.  Hmmm, could it be that I'm getting ready to hook cats at Cape May?  My Krazy Katz?
There are so many more rugs to show and probably some I've even shown before.  But I always enjoy looking at rugs.  So if any of you bloggers are at a loss as to what to post, look at your saved pictures and share rugs. 

And newbie hookers, if there is something you'd like for me to blog about please let me know.

Have a great evening everyone, and please be kind to one another. 



  1. I always love your rug shows!
    Hugs :)

  2. Lots of wonderful rugs, always enjoy seeing antique rugs.


  3. Ok a question from a newbie? When I see pillows with designs such as a pumpkin hooked directly on the wool , is a piece of wool the foundation cloth? Didn't know if it is hooked directly or hooked and sewed on.


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