Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cape May Rug Show

I took lots of pictures as there were lots of rugs for the show.  There are so many that it will take a couple posts to get them all in.  If you double-click on the photo it will enlarge and you can see who the hooker and designer is.

This rug below gave me chills it was so beautifully hooked.  It was hooked by Liz Morino and drawn by Lenny Feenan.  When I spoke to Liz I think she said she hooked it in #2.  No dang wonder it looks like a photo.  I've hooked my Rottie Memorial in #3 and that this the smallest cut I will EVER use again.
Here are close ups.

And a colorful rug for those who like color.  Hmmm, mine will be one of those in that category at next Cape May when I get done with my Colorful Cats.

The rug below is called Wild Things by Joan Strausbaugh and I LOVE it.  She does the most unusual and off the wall rugs and they are always an inspiration to me.  Why doesn't my brain work like that? 

Yeah, I know, you are all wondering when I'm going to show the rug I started at rug camp, right?  Actually I'm having fun hooking that colorful rug even tho those aren't the colors of primitive/antique which I love.  I'm trying to get as much hooked and needle felted as I can but meanwhile dangling the carrot of part of a rug show.

So keep tuned as there are much more rugs and stories to tell.



  1. That rug from the photograph is breathtaking. I so admire someone who can hook like that.
    The rug of the lady at the beach with the bit boobs is a hoot.
    Thanks for the show. Looking forward to more.
    Hugs :)

  2. What fun and amazing rugs and the photograph rug is wonderful, love the detail.



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