Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day

Even tho I've been laboring over binding rugs in preparation for the rug show in Cape May I've only finished one.  That would be the antique adaptation of Pot of Flowers which I offer as a pattern on my web site.  Here is a picture of it with a flash.
 And a picture of it on the back deck without a flash.
I'm halfway done on the second of three rugs which need binding so not having fun pulling loops on anything new right now.  I was hoping to start a small project just to have something fun to work on during that hour's ferry ride from Delaware to New Jersey.  Plus to have something to work on the night before class and before Ali gets to me.

Hope everyone had a great fun-filled Labor Day with cook outs and games with family and friends. 



  1. Happy binding...hehehe. The rug looks fabulous!

  2. It came out beautifully and with the flash is better.
    I usually use flash, outdoors, that way you get truer colors without the blue cast that you got on the second.


  3. Great rug. I'm slack on the binding part. I have a pile on the floor waiting

  4. My favorite colors in that rug. Love the warm, mellow look. How do you bind your rugs....with whipping or plain binding. I am always torn between the two.


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