Friday, September 12, 2014

Getting Closer to Cape May Time

All of my rugs to be in the show at Cape May have their labels sewn on....well except for 500 Mile Betts which Evelyn will bring.  I loaned it to her for another hooker's version of an adaptation to the Harriet Powers quilt for the class she taught at Sauder.   Frankly I'm surprised of my endurance to accomplish all those labels instead of having a hook in hand. 

However, I do have something new (and small) on the frame now.  This is the mat size of Magdalena's Folk Art Horse which was purchased from Woolley Fox
This will be what I hook on the hour's ride across the Cape May/Lewes Ferry and will also entertain me before class starts on Monday. 

It was Louise's rendition that inspired my color choices and she was so kind to take a picture of the wool she used.  Funny thing is that I had a lot of the same wool (hey, we buy from the same people).    Here is Louise's wonderful full size rug.
Since Louise's design is the larger size it is hard for me to get the detail she achieved and which Magdalena hooked in hers.  Something else I give credit to Louise for is the outline of the blue area to the middle left but the doing the directional hooking which a woman like Magdalena would do.  HA, me.... I just did the echo, choosing the easy way.  But I'm still liking my mat.

As I'm hooking find myself reaching for my worm bag to add to the color palate a little. 

Have a great evening everyone.  Cooler and more fall temperatures are upon us.



  1. Both very beautiful. Love the rich colors.

  2. Saundra what a wonderful rug ! I love the colors . I bet you'll have so much fun at Sauder , hugs cheri

  3. That is a beautiful rug and I do love those colors.


  4. Saundra,
    As a sucker for any horse rug and a fan of Barb Carroll, I love how you are hooking this rug. Your wonderful color sense is obvious once again.
    And enjoy your time at Camp May. Can't remember the last I rode a ferry anywhere.


  5. I just love everything you hook.
    Have a wonderful time at Cape May and take LOTS of pictures to share.
    Hugs :)


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