Thursday, September 4, 2014

AH, a Hook in the Hand

In case you're, the third rug isn't totally bound yet but WILL be done to take to Cape May.  I just had to put a rug hook in my hand again.  So I got the bright idea to make a few more hooked flower pins to put in the camp store to sell.  After three I realized they would never be done in time with the various stages required so decided to do something more enjoyable.
Ahhhh, that would be to pull out the Magdalena Folk Art Horse (mat size) that I purchased from Woolley Fox
I didn't start this until late this afternoon but it felt sooo good to work on something fun.  Don't know how you gals can go weeks without hooking ~ I'd go completely bonkers.  HA!  Or else I'd get more work done around here, particularly a wool dust free home.

At least there's something for me to work on crossing the Cape May/Lewes Ferry so perhaps I can settle down and do what needs to be done here before I leave on the 14th. 

As a side note, I hook flower pins on excess linen that is too small to draw a design on and one which will fit on my small sit-upon frame.  I've even gone so far as to sew cotton fabric along the sides to give me that extra to catch on the grippers.  If you look at the flower pins again you will notice I even sewed two pieces of linen together to make it wider.  Waste not want now my mama used to say.

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. You have been making me miss hooking, been to long for me. It is calming to hook and watch the design unfold in wool.


  2. Darn....I hate it when this iPad changes love to live!

  3. I'm with Debbie...seeing your work makes me want to hook...but I'd have to give up sleeping...for now I'll live vicariously...


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