Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cape May Rug Show #2

Yes, there are more rugs to show and then tomorrow I'll post photos of the fun Ohio gals and the rug I'm working on.
This humongous endeavor was hooked by Cheri Reid.  I don't think she has ever made a smallish rug.  There was quite a structural piece at the top for this to hang on her wall. 



The rug below is hooked by Michelle Micarelli and ALL her rugs have a story.  This is huge and I'll show close ups of detail below this.  At lunch time where her husband was also in attendance, Michelle said that the dragon was her husband and she was the woman riding him.  Continuing with her story, she said the ring around the leg was to show the dragon was already taken.  If you look at the leg in the foreground you will see a gold band.
Here is a close up of some embellishments.
And here is a close up of the woman who owns the dragon.  Michelle said that her grown son asked if she always rode the dragon with her bike shorts on.  That brought a good laugh from the table.

Well I'm sure there are more rugs but some have been named, some reduced and at this point I've lost track of what I've posted.  But perhaps this will keep you entertained until tomorrow.
And, tomorrow I've a pattern to draw and ship so will work on my camp rug as much as I can to give you a good preview tomorrow.
Have a great evening.



  1. Hard to pick a favorite today, love some for the detail and realism, some for the whimsey and others for prim reproduction.


  2. Great rugs!!!
    Did you get my email today? I sent from my iPad and I'm challenged.
    Hugs :)

  3. such great rugs and amazing inspiration

  4. Lucky you to have seen all these great rugs in person - thanks for sharing all the photos with us!


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