Sunday, September 7, 2014

New Rug Labels

Since all my rugs have been bound and ready for the Cape May rug show thought I'd make rug labels for them and some older rugs which had no label. 

Last year at Cape May is when I started working on my Shadow girl Memorial rug from a photo.  During the labeling process decided that her photo should be on the label which was the inspiration.  Here is my Shadow girl who was a wide cut with #8 wool strips.
This is the label which I've attached to the back.  I'm so glad I decided to put a photo which was the inspiration on the back.  All I did was copy and paste a smaller picture in the label area.
Then it was onto the Rottweiler Memorial piece which was hooked way back in 2006 and never had a label.  I hadn't started labeling rugs back then, just the initials and date on the rug.  Here are my departed Rotties and they were both delightful, perfect companions.
This is the label on which I mentioned my then married name and my special loving names each dog was given by me.....Shumba-dumba and her son was Panzer-wanzer.  I used to sing, "Panzer-wanzer sitting under a tree......."
If you would like to read about how I made these labels again, or if you are new to my blog to find out how they were made click HERE.
Have a great evening everyone and enjoy this beginning of fall like weather.


  1. Great label. I've seen this personalized info labels added to rugs before. They really add a nice touch

  2. Love the labels with photos---great idea. I went to see how you made them and got a message saying my current account doesn't have access to this--what does that mean? Wants me to log out and make a new account. I'm not sure I want to do that.

  3. The labels are terrific; but your rugs ARE AMAZING!! Wow! Wow! Wow!

  4. LOVE the labels. I have so many rugs sans labels. One more thing to add to my long to-do list.
    Hugs :)

  5. Those are beautiful rugs and I love how you did the label, that is a really good idea.


  6. Your labels are a fantabulous idea!!
    Love them!


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