Friday, September 26, 2014

I Know You've Been Waiting For It.....

.....for a picture of my Cape May rug project.  Well here it is.  Yes, this is a far cry different than the primitive and antique adaptations usually on my frame.  Frankly, I'm enjoying working on it and can't wait for it to be finished and be the companion piece to the silk painting I did in Mexico in 1998.   
Ali and I discussed a border with it being wider on the ends.  The place this rug is going to reside could only be 24" tall but I wanted it wider from left to right.  There are a couple things we discussed for that treatment and just need to decide which one suits me for those ends. 

BUT the border suggestion that I love, and a suggestion by Ali, is to do beading all the way around the entire rug using a hit and miss of all the colors in the rug with the one constant be the navy colored wool.  I LOVE that concept!!!!!  You can see at the bottom I just had to pull a few loops to see it in progress.
Here is a picture of sweet Ali and me.  Surely you can see me whispering "cheese" to myself.  I never figured out how actresses on the red carpet look so elegant 'in the moment and natural' when being photographed.  I'm like a fish out of water when the camera is in front of me.
That being said, remember me mentioning those Ohio gals and their antics?  I figure you were looking forward to seeing pictures of them too.  Well talk about random natural photos, ....let me set the scene (those girls were so bad!)  

It was Thursday, just had lunch and for SURE I wanted pictures of us who had so much fun for so many days since we were leaving the next day.  So just before my pal took the photo I mentioned I'd put a lot of red onions on my salad.  OMG, then the gals decided to squeeze their noses like I smelled like rotten onions.

Then someone said, "Let's stare at her".

 And it went downhill after that.  From left to right it is Deb (my roomie's name happens to also be Deb but not this one), then me, Katie, and Sue.  Oh what a trio of gals it is from Ohio.  

This is an evening shot when I visited the gals on the cottage porch where they were enjoying the music (as my roomie and I were).  I got a picture of Deb and Katie and asked where Sue was.  They said she was in bed, that I could take a picture of her as she slept but that it wasn't a pretty sight.  Oh but I WISH I'd taken a picture to blackmail her for all the trouble she stirred up.  Okay, it would just be fun to hang that picture over her head and tease her.
Katie, Deb and Sue, if you read this blog I sure hope our paths cross some day as you were a hoot to meet and get to know. 

Have a great evening everyone, and thanks for allowing me to re-live the Cape May experience through posting these photos on my blog.



  1. What fun you ladies where having!!
    Hope to be there next year!
    Your rug is looking great and I love the border idea!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Great post! Love the rug
    I'm off to share post with the Ohio gals :)
    Hugs :)

  3. Just love the beading idea. your friends from Ohio sound and look so fun.

  4. I love the colors you are using, that is going to be a fun rug. I have some laurel burch books, those would be fun to do in different mediums too. Love the photos of you and the girls, so fun and you look wonderful.


  5. Thanks for sharing your trip to Cape May. Beautiful rugs, lots of fun....the greatest of adventures. And I live your new rug....quite a stretch, but ever so cute.

  6. Saundra all I can say is amazing! You are truly an artist. I loved the stories and the pictures of your adventure��

  7. That is a neat rug, and yes out of your box.
    Thanks for sharing pics and also the ones of the Ohio gals., I do know them and I know after you met them you had to have had a great time. They are the best and always so funny.

  8. Love that fun rug !!
    Looks like you had an amazing time.

  9. I know Katie, too ~ they're all fun!! And I'm loving your rug ~ kind of different for you, would that be correct?


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