Tuesday, September 23, 2014

More Trunk Show by Ali

Since there are still a number of rug pictures from the show that need reducing in size thought I'd give you more of the trunk show that Ali took to Cape May.

Here are two great fraktur flower pieces which used a couple of her techniques.  I see needle felting, standing wool circles (quillies), embroidery stitches, beading and forget what else that I can't see in the picture.
This bluebird below has several techniques applied to the cute primitive piece also.  As you can see it still needs to be bound as did a few of her pieces but they were done enough to give us lots of eye candy.
 Below is a holiday piece which was done directly onto wool good for hooking, so it can be done.  The tree is needle felted.
Can't remember if Ali said this was a personal challenge or one with a group, but she did two flowers with entirely two different looks. 

I've a thing for log cabins, and also like how Ali has done a patchwork type framing.
Here is a close up of the cabin and tree.
Don't you just LOVE this tote?  The entire design has been needlefelted directly onto the wool. 
 A poinsettia pillow hooked on her hand dyed linen.
 I believe the piece below is from one of her booklets.
 Another cute wool tote a hooked sheep face and quillies.  Note the lether feet hanging from under the tote/purse.
 Another sheep and way different which incorporates needle felting (moon, trees, windows and door.
 Another small heart using left overs.
 How sweet is this snowman with his wool jacket?
 A close up of the sewn on jacket.
Well, there ya have it.  Now I've got to knuckle down and reduce the picture size but first need to draw a pattern for someone.

Have a great afternoon.



  1. I love how she mixes the different mediums, really fun way to express our creativity in new ways.


  2. I started that snowman hooked on to wool at her class two years ago. Mine is wearing half a jacket and has not been touched since class...sigh.
    Hugs :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I wouldn't know where to turn or look first.
    Creativity at it's best !


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