Thursday, February 26, 2015

Crow Pillow Other Side

The OTHER side would be this Magdalena style piece being hooked now; the first side was a design by Betsy Reed (scroll down my blog to see that unfold).  But the Magdalena Crow side isn't going fast enough for me.  The unwanted snow is slowing me down since Ben can't handle a snow shovel and there's no one else here to do it but me and him.  

Must admit  that before posting this side was tempted to just keep on hooking until there was more accomplished on this side but thought better of that idea.  And, was tempted to remove the penny circles then asked myself 'why'?
This it what it looked like last time I posted.  If you look closely there were some sections pulled out and rehooked.  Even now I'm not fond of the top left side.  But hey, this is a primitive pillow for me and not a competition.  Would Magdalena be so picky with her wool color choices or placement?  I don't think so....she used what she had and that was it.  For me, this was to be fun to use up nothing but woolie worms.
Hopefully after this side is hooked there will be a noticeable drop in the wool strip collection accumulated over the years.  As much as I hate binding rugs and tend to let them mount up, I'm looking forward to showing you the Betsy Reed primitive cotton edge binding for this pillow.   Actually there is a previous blog post about that so if you are in a hurry you can blog about the Betsy Reed Primitive binding technique and am sure it will take you to my blog or Betsy's. 

Hope you all have heat, electric and water during this nasty winter.  Although I hate the snow ~ having been without heat 6 days between the months of January and February figure that IF I have HEAT I can endure the damn snow.

A good way to keep warm, active and entertained is cover yourself with a hooking or quilting project.  Be safe and have fun everyone.  Oh..... and be kind to one another.



  1. Hi Saundra, your crow is magnificent and I couldn't do any better if I tried. Keep hooking ... you can always rip it up and re- hook if you need to.

    Binding rug isn't all that bad once I get to it but by golly, why is is it so damn hard to get going on the whipping and binding? I have several projects waiting for whipping and binding.

    I'm sure if I was retired I would be on top of it but with working 7 days a week, I need some time to just be.

    We got about 10 inches of snow yesterday and I wasn't impressed but what can I do?

    Stay warm and cool at the same time. On second thought, how do we do that?

  2. Saundra ~
    It looks wonderful!!! Stop reverse hooking. Like you said, would Mags be doing that?
    Ellie doesn't shovel snow, either...sigh. At least you don't have to carry Ben home from a!
    Hugs :)

  3. I like the fixes, was popping out at me, in the first version. I am trying to be more thoughtful when I do a new punch but I never have the right color and too impatient to wait till I get to the store, lol. That is the beauty of walnut stain;)


  4. I like your crow with the changes.

    can't wait to see the finished project.

  5. Don't think you need to reverse hook. I like the old as well as the new. Interested to see your least favorite thing to do! Stay warm. Glad we are still snow free where I live.

  6. Your rug is grand ! Think of shoveling as your aerobic exercise ;) It's hard to imagine Spring arriving. Very soon, we turn our clocks ahead.

  7. Your crows are wonderful!! I am not one to reverse hook, unless something is really popping out to me, taking a picture of your work really helps!! I am really ready for spring and we haven't had a bad winter!!

  8. looks good to me...wouldn't change a thing...


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