Sunday, February 1, 2015

February... Really?

Didn't we just have Christmas?  Where does all my time go?  Obviously  not spent a lot of time hooking Hannah since it still isn't done.  Close, but no cigars.
There are only the hit and miss sides and that section in the background to finish and already wondering what to hook next.  So went to the wool room and look at all the waiting patterns on foundation.  There are over 25 designs drawn on a backing of some sort... linen, monks, rug warp.

My intention was to make a list of the patterns on hand, the designer and size to make it easier for me to choose what to hook next..and in the future.  Otherwise I do this each time a rug is done and sort thru the drawers, a lot of time wasted.  Now I've a list and can choose a little easier and wiser.

This was a great exercise because I've made a pile of patterns which is intended to go on ebay soon of backings or designs which no longer interest me.

Temporarily on my next to hook are a couple patterns by Tonya of Mad Hen.  I've a few of her patterns and at least 3 are smallish and would be fun and hooked quickly.  Those just might be my next on the frame. 

There were also a couple original designs by me and my friend Shari that are in the line up for a soon to be hooked project (back burner). 

Hope you all are in a safe and warm weather pattern.  Tomorrow it will be VERY mild here but in the evening back in the teens.  Since there is a vast change of temperatures here in Delaware there will even be thunder boomers.  Imagine that, in February a thunder storm.



  1. Hannah will soon be done and I look forward to your next project. It is so much fun to follow along.
    I can't believe it's February, either, but that means all the closer to spring. Yippee! Hopefully the thunder boomers won't be too bad.
    Hugs :)

  2. I think that you got a lot done on Hannah. She 's looking great.

    Holy Moly, at least 25 patterns on backing waiting to be hooked... You're a serious full time hooker .

    I'm organizing my old loose recipes and you're organizing patterns...

    I must have wasted half of my life away looking for my favorite recipes in plastic bags. When my recipe box overflowed, I loss control because of always rushing for a fast recipe to make at the last minute after work.

    We're getting yet another storm tomorrow. Hope the 6 weeks goes real fast.
    Keep on hooking.

  3. Love how your rug is coming out and the colors.
    I lucked out and found some monks, half off since it had gotten wet, but nothing wrong with it and something I can practice on.


  4. I really like the colors in this rug. And I do love chickens. Can't wait to see what you do with the borders.


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