Sunday, February 15, 2015

Revisit to Betsy's Crow

Baby it's COLD outside!!!!  Ben loves outside but doesn't like these temps any more than I do yet he has more endurance to the cold than his mom.  Since he is an indoor dog he wants in when his 'toe toes' get too cold.

This is Betsy's Crow pattern I purchased last November when attending her class.  Looking at this piece think I'll pull out the orange above the head of the crow.....uh, but would replace it with what color?  Maybe dulled gold.
Was hoping to use more dull colors on this side with the patchwork hooked background and use a combination on the other side for that crow using whatever Magdalena would have used.

Okay, am showing you the mess I make just around the area where I hook.  In front of that pillow is where the hooking takes place.  To my right (your left) at that space is some mess and mingled wool.
It may look organized to you but to MY left these were the worm baggies from which my loops are pulled and they are getting mingled together fast.  However...... I AM using up a lot of worms on this pillow and enjoying every loop pulled.   
On the far right in the photo above is the reverse side of the 'to be pillow' with Betsy's Crow on one side and the Magdalena style crow for the other. 

Hope to have some progress to show you next time I post.  If not it may be another rug show.

Hugs to all, try and stay warm.  In addition to the frigid temps and wind we are to endure snow now.  At this point I think those challenges can be okay with me as long as there is heat in the house. 

Please bring your pets inside.  If you know anyone or has seen anyone who keeps their pet outside for hours on end in these frigid temperatures, PLEASE call the authorities.  No animal should be allowed to be left outside by it's owner for lengths of time. 

Hope you all are warm and safe.



  1. I agree getting rid of the orange is a good idea. You sure have been cranking out the hooked pieces lately. Can you say envy?
    Poor Ellie HATES the cold. She wears a coat and last year I tried the booties but couldn't even get one on I have carried her home quite often the last few days and we haven't gone far. She stops walking and stands on 2 paws. Thankfully she doesn't weigh much.
    We are at -2. UGH! That is cold.
    Hugs :)

  2. I do like how those colors look around the crow, would be fun to do with scraps. I was thinking of making some star chair pads, so I can use up all the smaller pieces I have. Cold is not the word for it, it is frigid out.


  3. LOVE seeing where all the action takes place Saundra - we should all share pictures of our hooking spots! The crow is looking good - scrappy backgrounds are my favorite.


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